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  1. Quick Question - Does anyone notice that there nails are brittle? I usually have great nails, that never brake and in the past 2 weeks they have become brittle and peel....Anyone else had that happen??? I still have the two active pimples, one on my forhead and the other by my jaw. The one I had on my lip is all gone....I also have little tiny white heads by my jaw line that I wake up with, but once I shower they disapear...so I haven't count them as active....I'm still pretty happy with my
  2. KC31

    7 Months Post Accutane!

    It has been officially 7 months since my last accutance pill and I am still 100 percent CLEAR!!! I just got married on saturday and viewed my pictures and they look AMAZING! My skin looks spectacular with no enhacements! I can't believe how happy I am with my results! My skin at this time has gone back to my normal oily self and so has my hair....the oil came back around month 5 to 6 and I was nervous since I thought the acne would come back with the oil...but so far my skin has staid
  3. KC31

    7 Months Post Accutane!

    I was on accutane for 7 months at 80mg a day. Very strong dossage and it was very hard with the side effects, but my derm keep me there to make sure my acne would not come back...It was well worth it! )
  4. KC31

    7 Months Post Accutane!

    I felt fatigue about a month after my last dose....The red marks took a lot longer....I think I started to see a big difference after month 3...It does take a while but you will see beutiful healthy skin about 6 months after your last dose... Hope this helps!
  5. KC31

    5 Months Post Accutane

    I'm using MAC blotting powder and it works great....I think this is the first month that I really feel the oil coming back especially on my forhead. And yes I use it over my make up - which is also MAC I'm not sure what laser treatment I'm going with but it might have to wait....I'm sooo happy with my skin right now that I don't know if I want to go through the procedure.... Good Luck!
  6. KC31

    5 Months Post Accutane

    It has been a while since my last post. I think the last one was 2 months post accutane - well it's 5 months post accutane now andI am still COMPLETLY CLEAR! I don't even remember what it feels like to have acne LOL... I don't even have one blackhead! My oil has returned on my face and I started using my blotting powder with my makeup through out the day....but still clear...all my side effects are completly gone and my hair is back to normal. It even gets oily now... In january I will
  7. KC31

    Day 70 Post Accutane

    It's been 2 weeks since my last post and I continue to be COMPLETLY CLEAR! It's amazing how beutiful my skin looks. I go with out makeup without given it a second thought now. I have found an amazing man that loves to see me without any makeup and tells me how beutiful my skin looks, even with the scaring. I have not felt this happy in years!! My side effects are completly gone and have no issues. CONCLUSION: Acctuane changed my life for the better and I will do it all ov
  8. KC31

    Day 58 - Post accutane

    I finally went to my last Derm appoitment and she was very happy to see how clear my skin is at this time. It has been almost 2 months since my last pill and everything still looks good. I also had the doctor that will be doing my laser treatments look at my face to see if it will be feasable. He said he will need to do some test spots due to my darker skin he thinks I will get really bad pigmignation issues (he thinks my skin will turn dark). I have to really think about it since I don'
  9. KC31

    DAy 61-122 FRUSTATION!

    I totally understand! I was on 80mg for ever and didn't see a difference till the beginning of month 5. Hang in there it will all be worth it! Ive been off accutane for 2 months and have been completly clear since the beginning of month 5, but it will take time. Good Luck Karen
  10. KC31

    Day 70 Post Accutane

    Thank You so much! It really has been a great experience for me being on accutane and seeing the end results....It was really hard in the beginning but once I hit month 4 it started to get better....Hang in there if you are on accutane....It will be worth it at the end
  11. KC31

    Day 51 - Post acutane

    STILL CLEAR! Almost two months post accutane and I am still 100 PERCENT clear!!! Is almost hard to believe that so far the meds are working and I have no breakouts. I'm extremely HAPPY and will never change my experience and the outcome! Scaring is still visible and I'm hoping it will get better with time...I guess you can't have it all -But still much better then before.... I'm still using the clariphil soup and moisterizer and that's it. Nothing with medication on my face. I th
  12. KC31

    Day 43 Post Accutane

    The pimple I had is gone The prescription spot treatment my derm gave me is awesome! It literally went away the next day.... Things continue to progress nicely...My face has not gotten as oily as before but there's more oil for sure then when I was on accutane. My lips are complelty back to normal and I am glad to say that I am back to wearing my lipstick withiout having to apply vasaline Only thing that is still a bit persistent is the joint pain...it comes and goes but I can still
  13. KC31

    Day 40 Post Accutane

    I have my first pimple since I stoped my accutane treatment It's not big at all and it's by my ear so it's not noticable but it hurt like hell and I knew it was there. It's been such a LONG time since I had any king of blemish that it took me by total surprise. I know it problably has to do with my period being on, but it still made me feel really anxious. Last night I actually dreamed that my face was FULL of pimples and cystic acne. It made me feel completly sick. I'm glad it was o
  14. KC31

    Day 33 Post Accutane

    I have officially reached my one month post accutane time and I am so excited that I have not had any blemishes or pimples since my last pill !!! It has been months at this time since I had anything on my face, back or chest....I am so HAPPY! This weekend I went without makeup the entire weekend! All I did was wear a little mascara and that was it! And I still felt beutiful.... No worrries on people looking at me and wondering what was wrong with my face...It was a different feeling
  15. KC31

    Day 28- Post Accutane

    It looks like January 2012 is going to be the laser treatment month. I know my derm can't start my facial laser treatment till then and now I can't start my laser hair removal till then either. Everything that has to do with my skin I have to wait the 6 months.... I guess I have to be safe about it..... Accutane Update: My face continues to be 100 percent clear....I do have a blackhead that I am trying not to squeeze but I think I might have too....My skin is still very sensitive an
  16. KC31

    Day 26 - Post Accutane

    STILL CLEAR~! All side effects are gone at this time. My face continues to be sensitive but nothing crazy... I have my one month post accutane app with my derm next Tuesday for my final pregnancy test and then my count down begins for my 6 month wait...In January 2012 I will begin laser treatments for my scars....Hopefully it won't be to bad.... I also have a consultation tommorrow for laser hair removal. I'm not sure when I will be able to actually do the procedure but I want to kn
  17. KC31

    Day 22 - Post Accutane

    I'm almost at 30 days Post Accutane - and I'm still CLEAR Thank goodness!! Yesterday I did have a little scare....thought I was getting a pimple but it ended up being some weird scratch thingy... I'm just glad it's not a pimple! My face continues to get a little more oily - I can tell by the way my makeup looks at the end of the day....Before it looked flawless now it looks worn and shinny....But I'm really not complaining..I knew that it has to go back to producing some kind of oil..
  18. KC31

    Day 20 Post Accutane

    My face has begun to show some oil on my forhead. This morning I was driving and when I got to work I noticed lots of shine....That seemed to happen over night...Well at least my face is COMPLETLY CLEAR! Now I pray it stays that way.... I started to think when was the last time I had a pimple and it has literally been MONTHS! I haven't seen or had to squeeze anthything in so longggg.... It feels great! But now I'm starting to get nervous since the oil has come back....
  19. KC31

    Exactly 6 months on accutane

    HANG IN THERE! I'm glad I could help
  20. KC31

    Day 19 - Post Accutane

    FACE IS STILL CLEAR!!! Things are getting back to normal...My hair has finally stoped falling out in large amounts...I don't think the oil in my face has come back at all. But I really never got truly dry while on accutane.... I just think is normal....In the morning I can see shine but nothing that's out of control.... That's about it for now...
  21. KC31

    Day 15 - Post Accutane

    My face is till clear!!! Lips are back to normal Joint pain GONE What else can I say....Life is good!!
  22. KC31

    not happy with accutane right now

    Stick with it!!! My hair fell out the entire 6 months I was on treatment, but it does go back to normal. The reason why your hair is falling out is because is dry....Give yourself some moisterizing treatments....best use avacado and egg yokes in your hair. It will help...I know right now it's tuff but it took me till month 4 to see my skin clear and even then I broke out....But now is Completly CLEAR and my skin looks amazing...If you can hang in there!!! Good Luck!
  23. KC31

    not happy with accutane right now

    Stick with it!!! My hair fell out the entire 6 months I was on treatment, but it does go back to normal. The reason why your hair is falling out is because is dry....Give yourself some moisterizing treatments....best use avacado and egg yokes in your hair. It will help...I know right now it's tuff but it took me till month 4 to see my skin clear and even then I broke out....But now is Completly CLEAR and my skin looks amazing...If you can hang in there!!! Good Luck!
  24. KC31

    Day 14 Post Accutane

    2 weeks of accutane and I'm feeling awesome! My LIPS ARE BACK TO NORMAL!!!! I'm extatic about that! Evrything else is slowly getting back to normal as well... My hair is the second thing that I'm hoping gets back to normal... It's so dry and damaged from being on accutane...I don't want it to be as oily as before but at least have it retain some moister... My face continues to stay clear as well....It actually looks amazing
  25. KC31

    Day 13 - Post Accutane

    FINALLY I woke up and my lips aren't dry....I actually got up walked the dog came back and my lips felt normal. I think applying the chapstick all the time is more habit then need at this time... My eyes are still dry, but besides that evething else is starting to go back to normal.... My face is still not oily and it continues to be CLEAR! I can live with that