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  1. So I have been off Accutane for 2months now and my skin has remained clear. It started clearing up after the 3rd month. I'm soooooo happy, AND my skin hasn't gone back to its oily self. I hope it stays like this!
  2. omg i Hope so im getting so frustrated!I don't want to be holed up in my house! And i have a date on Saturday I've been using the Clean and Clear Spot treatment to get rid of the monster pimples so Im hoping that they'll be gone by then or at least alot smaller so that I can cover them up with some foundation
  3. My face has erupted :'( . I don't want to leave my house at all urgh i just feel gross. I have 13 in total and their big. I have TWO on my lips which makes me even more annoyed because those look the WORST. The dryness has started too, around my mouth and ESPECIALLY on my lips. I've been saturating them with chapstick to no avail. I'm praying this clears up quickly because I REALLLy dont want to show my face with all this nonsense on it and dry cracked lips. THis stuff better b worth it becau
  4. HISTORY I guess I'll give a break background on my personal experiences with acne lol. So i have been breaking out since I was 11 years old (I'm currently 20). I never had severe acne more like mild-moderate. Its just ALWAYS been a nuisance. I have been on almost everything, proactiv acne free, prescriptions, antibiotics. EVERYTHING. The sad part is some of the things I've tried have worked its just that all of a sudden my body would build up an immunity to it and BAM here thy come again! *cu