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  1. My skin has been bad before. I have had breakouts and I have wanted to cover every mirror in the house. I've had that; it's nothing new to me. But now it's really bad; I am having overnight breakouts every weekend. I wake up with four or five new spots on my face, and they're really painful and angry. I went to the doctor last week and went back on the contraceptive pill (Yasmin) and I was beginning to get hopeful that I was over the worst of it, but yesterday I had another break out; four spot
  2. That overwhelming feeling of disappointment when you feel the pain of another freaking spot beginning to form on your face. The question 'Will this ever stop?' enters your mind, and you're suddenly both livid and deflated. Do you think they get lonely? One is never enough; they have to summon their friends to join them on another part of your face. It sucks. Symmetrical spots are amongst the worst. Are they hormonal? I don't know. But right now I have two symmetrical spots on opposite cheeks, a
  3. Noticeable improvement. Trying not to be too excited about it getting better, as I'm 'still waiting for the rain to fall', as Amy Lee so poetically phrased that particular feeling. There are a few scars. Not from me scratching at my face, etc. but I think probably from the Benzoyl Peroxide. I am being patient with those marks, and so they're less angry every day. It's easier to look people in the eye now. Like people at work, customers, and even my cute boss. There is some dryness in areas,
  4. Today, there is an improvement in my face. Not a huge one, but signs of progress are beginning to show as a result of the Benzoyl Peroxide as well as the Clinique. Of course, not everything is good. My face feels tight today, thanks to the Clinique and the Clearasil face wash I used a few days ago. I never learn! Every time I use that stuff- perhaps twice a year when my skin really sucks- the area around my mouth and chin becomes very dry and uncomfortable. So, I'm not touching that stuff again
  5. So, today I started on Benzoyl Peroxide. My mum went to the chemist and bought me some 5% stuff, because I sort of feel like I'm in limbo. When I visit my GP next week, I will ask for 10%. I'm not entirely sure about the real reason for this big breakout. I know my skin hasn't been this bad in a very long time- and when there has been an invasion of spots, they haven't been- I don't know- this... distruptive. Last week I was very stressed out, and I didn't help myself, because I couldn't shak
  6. Hi, I'm glad to hear Clinique's Anti-Blemish range is working out for you! I just started this two days ago, having reached the end of my tether! I have my fingers crossed... Good luck! (: