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  1. Use a BP water based gel instead of a creme. It will absorb easier and your face wont go white when u get it wet. Problem is you can't get BP gel in most countries without a perscription :roll:
  2. Has anyone tried neutrogena Multi_Vitamin facial treatment. Thats what helped me get rid of my red marks
  3. Its best to judge from when you wake up in the morning. If your t-zone is really oily and your cheeks are pretty normal your combination. If your you oily all over your oily
  4. try getting a full facial with extractions once a month, a good beautican will be able to get them out without scaring your face
  5. Dove soaps good for your body but u shouldn't use it on your face
  6. Use a lip ointment rather than a chapstick. Try avon moisture therapy lip treatment ointment.
  7. Man, heaps of stuff is perscription in the U.S. :? Thats a shame cause u can get BP gels ova da counter in here Australia and they really do work better, they sink into the skin faster as well. Plus u can wear makeup over them and your face dosen't go white when u get it wet like in cremes, it sinks right in too.
  8. Couldn't give u any advice on aloe vera, I'm allergic to the stuff, rrrreeeeeaaallllyyy allergic . I tested a little spot on my arm before and got puffy, red, itchy exploding blisters :oops: - thats how i found out i was allergic. I sucks cause heaps of beauty products have aloe vera i have to be real careful . They even make aloe vera coated toliet paper these days, Can u imagime how disasterous it would be if i used that :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
  9. Question to all the Aussies on da board, what are your fav skin care products and cosmetics. What u would recommend and why
  10. Here is a home-made herbal formular that will kill pimple causeing bacteria and heal damaged skin. Make a strong brew of comfrey tea (steep comfrey in water overnight so it's really strong) Then take: -2 tablespoons of comfrey tea infusion -11 drops of lavender oil -7 drops of tea tree oil -12 drops of lemon juice -1 egg white Whip thw lot together and store in fridge
  11. Is there any other reason apart from it being too harsh on your skin? It wouldn't cause a chemical reaction would it? Anyone good at chemistry?? I need to know the science behind things