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  1. Go to a different derm. When you go to this new derm tell them you have tried everything. I hate to tell you to lie but if you want the Tane that's what you have to do sometimes. Tell him you've tried antibiotics and all the topicals. My derm tried to do the antibiotic thing and I was just like look I'm done with that I've tried it I just want accutane and after 15 minutes of Him suggesting things and me telling him I've already tried them, I finally got my scrip for Tane!
  2. Well here I go. . . I'm about to be on accutane again. I have been off for a year and a half and recently started breaking out again. Like most of you I am tired of messing around with topicals and other stuff that never quite gets rid of the problem so I talked my derm into giving me accutane again! I am gonna start in a few days I just have to get my pregnancy test done. I will be on 80mg for 6 months. Whooooo! I'm excited because I know accutane works! It worked wonders on my skin. My s
  3. Hi everyone. Just a quick bio on me. I am 25 I have had acne since I was about 14. I tried pretty much all the over the counter products and most prescriptions as well. I got on yaz about a year and a half ago and that made a noticeable difference in my acne but it still wasn't enough so I finally got on accutane. Let's see I believe I started my course in June of 2009 and finished in december of 2009. I was on 80mg for months. I remember my derm gave me a 10 day dose of prednisone to he
  4. Thank you, they didn't say anything about that on the phone but I will ask. I just found out that my job offers kaiser insurance too and kaiser covers claravis so I am seeing if they will let me switch. If that doesn't work and blue cross won't cover it with a note from my dr then I am just going to get my own private kaiser plan.
  5. I have 2 different insurances. one is medco and the other is blue cross and NEITHER one covers accutane!! WTF i had them both check amnesteen and claravis and they are not covered. I dont understand why the hell not. has anyone had this problem? I am wanting to go on a 2nd course of tane and last time i was on 80mg so i guess i will be on that if not higher. I called around and the cheapest i found is costco 481$ for a months supply of 80mg pills. this is crazy. i will do it if i have to
  6. I totally had bizarre-o dreams almost every night while on tane. And they were extremely vivid as well
  7. I have never heard of it but I am on yaz and in my opinion it helped me a lot with my acne. : )
  8. Hi everyone, so I have been off accutane for about a year now and i have just started to break out again. i was on 80mg a day for 6 months and up until now i was doing pretty good with my skin being clear, but recently for the past few months i have been breaking out. nothing at all like it was before i took accutane, but it is annoying none the less. it is mostly around my jawline but also around my cheeks. my skin is also increcibly oily!!! like rediculously oily. i notice i break out wor