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  1. The point is herpanicine i way safer than accutane.. Do the research on it
  2. Your wrong. It is 12500 ui for 3 pills. So im taking 25000 ui of A throughout the day. There are no side effects at all with this natural supplement.
  3. I had severe cystic acne I am 18. Accutane is a very powerful drug. I took it for 2 months. I became tired all the time, lost my beauty and looked like a very unhealthy person. I have nothing against accutane. IF you take it and do not experience serious side effects take it! However I had lots of side effects. SO I decided to stop and began treating my acne naturally with HERPANICINE And hepar SUlfer. HERPANICINE IS AMAZING ITS NATURAL ACCUTANE. AFTER 2 Months my Skin is SO much better! Its
  4. yea i got the same problem. I look like shit.... i guess while on accutane our skin is not vibrant.
  5. I have been on accutane since dec 8 2010. My skin is now alot different alot more dry and flakier however still just as bad. I know accutane takes time to work but my Question is when did your skin start permanently clearing? I weigh 160 pounds and am taking first month 20mg. then months 2-5 are 60 mg..... Everyday I wake up hoping today is the day I start clearing!