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  1. Hello everyone, this is extremely hard for me but , I want to share my story with all you guys. To start off my name is Richard and I grew up in Los Angeles and since I was a young kid I always liked to be in the spotlight for everything. Once I got to my teens that's were my life change . Severe acne came out of nowhere . Well long story short my acne has subside and need help with my acne scars . I know they're horrible and some people call me ugly and what not. My self-esteem hasn't been the
  2. hell yeah all the time..... i have severe acne scars and i always feel worried and awkward around strangers with perfect skin.. hell this one time i was i the bus and it was full of people that they would rather stand up then sit next to me lol...
  3. question?? can u use this if your on tazorac??
  4. and to think that i was going to actually try it.. thanks for the info
  5. yeah i also could relate to this.... at first i thought it was a mosquito bite or a flee bite on my face not acne
  6. wow i never took accutane but i heard it work wonders... i guess thats a lie