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  1. Yup I'm 6 months post exoderm and my face is still really red and I think I might have some hyperpigmentation. My skin is much smoother and my scars are shallower but I don't know if the trade off of having a red face was worth it. Hi Pechuga! How are you doing?
  2. It seems as if my complexion got worse because some of the redness is leaving but not evenly so it makes my skin look very blotchy. Also the texture is still really rough and it looks like I have a bunch of small lines all over my face like wrinkles but smaller and shorter. I also noticed that my pores are bigger and they line up in a way that makes them look like linear scars. I had ice picks, box cars and rolling scars. I'm hoping that this is still healing but I really doubt that. I hope
  3. Hi The only thing that help me camoflage the redness is the Jane Iredale camoflage concealor with the powder on top. But Jane Iredale makeup has Talc which stretches your pores out. I would like to know who did your exoderm? How long did you stay red for after the exoderm? I had mines 4 months ago and I'm still really red. Plus my scars are red so it doesn't look like I got much improvements. I'm wishing you a Merrry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  4. you should mix it with the lemon flavor emergen C it totally kills the horrible toki flavor.
  5. I agree with Amigababy and I had my exoderm with Dr. Rullan
  6. Yeah, i'm worried about this too. And I ordered from the same guy. If he gave me an expired box I am leaving a negative comment
  7. Hi Faye! Well I just had the exoderm done in August so I thought maybe toki might help with the rebuilding of the collagen. Plus I'm gonna start fotofacial so i thought toki will help with that too. So Faye have you noticed a difference with your face since you started using the toki? I can't even make myself drink three so I'm just using one package a day. I mixed it with my Emergen-C multvita and it help to diguise the taste. Thanks for sharing your experience! I hope you get good resu
  8. For those of you who tried the toki drink, do you think it has a weird taste to it? It seems to be very collagenly. It was hard for me to drink the whole water mixed with toki. :eusa_sick:
  9. it never mentioned expired anywhere in it's product listing. I just wrote the seller an e mail and I got a response back saying i can get a full refund upon return or a partial refund. I opted for the partial refund because in one of the seller's feedback, one person wrote they never got the product at all and I'm scared that if I do return it , the seller might say she/he never got it. Thanks Colin for for your concern!
  10. I just got my toki from ebay and looked at the box to see that the toki that was sold to me was expired. I was wondering if anyone else purchased toki from ebay and was it from the seller by the name of greatdealsdepot. If so checked the bottom of the box or some packages have the expiration date on it. Mines has been expired for more than a year. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up if they purchase from ebay.
  11. You might want to look at the list of ingredients on this site- www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm That's how I got the majority of my scars. I stopped taking antibiotics and I seriously broke out which caused most of my scars. Although I don't endorse taking antibiotics because it messes with your system, I think it would be good just to go on it for now to get over the healing part of the exoderm. Once you get you breakout under control and you're all healed up, then I suggest c
  12. Thanks Sarah. I'm glad you got an improvement! I will try to talk to Dr. Rullan soon.
  13. hey everybody. A lot of people have been pm me so I just wanted to let everyone know how I'm doing. Well it's been 3 months since the exoderm and my face is still red. I sent pics to Dr. Rullan and he said I developed rosacea due to the injury exoderm caused. I see very minor improvements maybe 10-15% and I don't think it's gonna get better. In hindsight I was being very hopeful and not really being realistic about my skin so i really wanted to believe in the improvements. Sorry if I lead
  14. A poster on another forum said she got good improvements with her icepicks and scarred pores. But for me, it didn't help with the ice pick scars.
  15. Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers fighter!! I honestly would do it again because it was a great experience. It definately has made me stronger. When I was flying home with my bright red face, a lot of people at the airport and plane were staring and gawking at me. I'm normally an agoraphobe, so going thru that situation without me having a nervous breakdown was definately a test to my courage. It really puts things in perspective because my skin before exoderm never caused th