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  1. Has anyone tried Environ sebuwash. It is highly recommended by plastic surgeons. I bought it but it made my skin so dry and it would come out in red patches. I think it can only be purchased online or in specialist places so if anyone has tried it, it would be great if you could share your views and thoughts. I'll most proabably go back to the acne.org products. I just felt my skin needed a change so I bought the environ but i think it's making my skin worse again. Any thoughts?
  2. Hey, I'm on Dianette too and my skin improved within a month and now, about 6 months later i've got clear skin, apart from the occasional spot that appears. It's really good, my dermatologist was even surprised with how fast my skin cleared and I even got to come off the antibiotics I was on as well. Good luck to you, It will definitely work in no time
  3. Hi, this looks really good. Do you use the skin eraser and renewing microdermabrasion complex together or just one of them?
  4. Does anyone else find that when you put makeup on, the covering of red marks just makes you look bruised?
  5. cocnut milk is such a good idea! Never thought of that. Realistically slimfast is for bigger people who want to loose lots fast. I'm 5 foot 4 and 10.3 stone (144 pounds) and just want to loose a stone and tone up so guess I should just exersize lol Seem slimfast is bad for you by whatn you're all saying. Thanks guys x
  6. so i want to loose a stone and fast for an upcomming wedding so am thinking of going on the slim fast diet for a couple of weeks. It says to mix the powder with milk but dairy makes me break out! Ive looked online to see if i can use water but apparently i cant because the milk provides essential nutrients. I may still use water, but does anyone have an ideas or suggestions here to what i can use, without telling me 2 go 4 a run lol
  7. yea sounds good. I'll have to see what my dermatologist thinks. Do you have to wear sunscreen all the time and be careful of sun exposure after using PCA peels? Do you use them at home and are they safe? I'm scared something will go wrong and i'll burn my skin or something. Sorry about all the questions, hope you don't mind.
  8. So it does fade scars and red marks? My derm wants me to have a deep chemical peel but it's too extreme and I'd rather have microdermabrasion. This post reassures me that i'll be making the right decision. Thankyou for the info.
  9. I use differin too, I apply it over spots and red marks because it works by clearing the pores out. Red marks r just marks so it wouldn't matter if u put differin on them or not, I can only assume it would help because it's kinda exfoliating the skin. The word you are looking for is Hyperpigmitation (if spelt right lol) Can I ask what face wash it was that was prescribed? Sounds interesting. Mine just prescribed differin and dianette and told me to use oil free products.
  10. Can giving up dairy make you deficiant in calcium and B6 though?
  11. Thankz! I'll try different things and see if they make differences to my skin. When u put vingear in the wash do u put it in where u wud normally put the washing powder/liquid? I may try that with apple cidar vinegar because I use it as a toner and it is very good for the skin. I wonder as well that as I concentrate on clearing one part of my body, I forget about all the chemicals etc touching another part and so get acne there.
  12. I'm unsure of how to describe this properly...but does anyone believe acne moves down the body. It started on my forehead (now its completly clear), then on my cheeks (now clear), then on my chin (now clear), now it is on my jaw line and chest! It appears my acne has moved down my body and I've heard a friend of mine saying her sister complains of the same thing. Does anyone know why this happens? It is very strange.
  13. I also have a link between acne and dairy and my skin cleared up dramatically when I gave it up, however I do have it occasionally cus I loveee chocolate, lasagne etc I still do get spots when I have dairy but no where near as much as before, but this could generally be because I am having less. Is anyone concerned about the lack of calcium and vital vitamins we get from Dairy? My aunt is always telling me I need to have dairy or I'll get brittle bones and my brothers tell me calcium is only n
  14. Idk how it works but all i know is that it does. The staining is only temporary.. and that it depends on how long you take to get rid of it... I've have pictures tracking my progress and it shows how its faded them...only problem is i'm having problems loading them >_< Ok i'll persevere and it give it a chance :D and say if it works!
  15. I've tried using this but i don't understand how it works, I feel like it just dyes the skin so the red marks are less visible. Like when you get a tan, all it does it cover the marks and spots by evening out the redness...