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  1. Brilliant post! Im going to see my doctor in a few days for a consultation, really wish I can stop smoking. Whats the price you paid for the laser and excisions if you dont mind me asking. cheers bud
  2. Here is my logic, scalpel excisions I think, the risk are greater in the sense that if the procedure does not take and the wound decides to opens, you would have a dented and LONGER scar compared punch excisions which would leave a smaller scar.
  3. Which is the better method? Does punch excision leaves a smaller scar than scalpel excisions?
  4. Is there really any difference between scalpel excisions and punch excisions in terms of which is the better option? I asked my surgeon which one he performs and he told me that the scalpel excisions offer better results aesthetically.
  5. Im going to have excisions done but cant decide whether to go with a dermatologist who has a lot of experience with acne scars and some experience with excisions (I have actually seen his work) or a highly recommended surgeon who expertise is in facial reconstruction.
  6. Im going to make an appointment with his doctor, but damn that place is expensive, at least I can still get some back from the medicare rebate.
  7. If you are going to provide before and afters at least make some effort and change the angle. Damn you Photoshop.
  8. Can anyone recommend a good surgeon for subcision in SYDNEY? Been searching on the net for reviews but nothing.
  9. Sorry guys, I havent been on for a while. I wanted to make sure the results were consistent. I had mixed results, some scars have improved others did not. The scars that did not frost because there was not enough TCA (I was being too careful), became wider and I cant afford that. I'm moving on to subcision for my depressed scars and if possible ice pick scars and hopefully find a good surgeon in Sydney.
  10. Just a quick update, my skin can be deceiving, on some days its looks better (especially when i wake up in the morning) but other times it does look worse. My ice-pick scars looks more noticeable, although i am betting this on my aggressive technique. The indented scar on my cheek has somewhat improve a little, as wells as the hyper-pigmentation. I can't stress this enough, don't get the acid on the borders of the icepick scar. Base on my experience, the toothpick that is used should be sharpe
  11. Do you have any idea how your doc applied the tca? she could of touch the acid on the edges of the scars hence making them wider.
  12. How did you apply the TCA Cross? I pressed firmly into the scar. Maybe I should have just touch the scar with the acid?
  13. Maybe 150, I lost count. I wanted to do a few as a test, but I decided that I cant wait that long and might as well do all of them, I've got 6 months off. Im just praying that I did not do permanent damage, TCA is my last hope! Mr. Don, I've came across that picture on google, don't know if thats your photo or not, if it is then well done.
  14. Hey thanks, Im glad I wasn't the only one. I went aggressive with the 100% TCA cross, pressed the toothpick down firmly for 3 seconds and thought maybe that was the contributing factor to my scars appearing worse. It pretty hard to keep the acid from touching the walls of the pit, and its seems like the toothpick fill in the entire scar when doing the cross. Your lucky you only have 3 pit scars, I think ive done about 300! I'll definitely take your advice and be patient.
  15. This was my first time doing TCA cross. 3 weeks after the scabs fell off, the scars look deeper, wider and still more noticeable. My once scared pores look like ice pick scars and i need some reassurance that my scars will look better. Seems like some see better results after 1 week or 2. I would like to know if anyone's scars look worse after doing TCA cross and how long until it looked better and filled in.