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  1. I'm not sure how to get rid of this but every time I apply foundation to my face my nose gets really flaky, almost sandpaper like. I try to exfoliate my nose a couple times a week but the dry flakey stuff just doesn't go & is enhanced with makeup. It looks terrible! Not sure if it's white heads, dry skin, large open pores or something else... it's just annoying! I'm also breastfeeding currently so not sure if i can use a lot of stronger products to help fix this - but open for suggestions!
  2. Very confused of what course of action to take to treat my cycstic acne scars (indents across my cheeks primarily). I've been to a few medical spas/dermas and they've all provided me with a different option ofcourse (depending on what they offer). My most recent dilemma is between getting a dermaroller done professionally, a PRP (vampire facial/microneedling) or carbon facial. I would need to undergo 3-4 sessions of each and they all cost approximately the same. Thoughts? Recommendations? PRP:
  3. Thanks for the response - the tea tree oil i use says TEA TREE OIL 20% LOTION and I apply it directly on the acne a couple of times at night. Is that too strong? It's been 4 days and counting and this sucker and a half refuse to go... they're not even at the picking stage yet because it's so deeply ingrained. Yuck... I will def. work on cutting out dairy and see if that makes any difference. Will also try the lemon every night theory to see if that helps. I often end up getting similar spots j
  4. For the most part i've never had acne problems but was tagged with a bout of cystic acne at age 25 which then subsided a few months later after undergoing antibiotics and what not! However, it's been 2+ years since this incident and the past few months i've been getting one off deep cystic pimples (or at least thats what I think they are). They come with a vengeance - super red and painful and don't leave me for days! I've noticed they usually come after my period so could be hormonal? Not sure.
  5. I got a treatment of v-beam laser done for the redness and it really helped. There are lots of side effects to it and it's expensive but worth it in my opinion. Read up on it. I use retin-a as well for the indentation, i've been on it for over a year now and i think it has helped slightly ... it's a long process so keep trying and hang in there!
  6. Hello everyone - I'm wondering if any of you can recommend any good doctors that can do a consultation for scar treatment. I'm going to be in a few cities around Europe mainly Amsterdam, Prague, Paris, Berlin for next few weeks and would love to show my skin to someone to recommend a specific scar treatment solution. I had cystic acne a few years ago and it has left some visible ice pick/rolling scars (with an indented skin tone). The redness is not a lot but just the indented tone which is ve
  7. Dermarolling, chemical peels, or laser. Dermarolling is the cheapest, takes the longest. Chemical peels are moderately priced, sometimes can resolve very shallow scars. Laser is most expensive, most risky, but also highest chance for complete scar removal. The Retin A may help a little, but I have been on different retinoids for a number of years, and never saw single icepick scar fill in. Too scared to try derma rolling. I got V-beam laser done (went for 4-5 sessions) which helped fade the
  8. I was affected by a short spell of cystic acne in 2010 November all the way through to 2011 Feb/March. Went through antibiotic course to get it under control. Used Benzaclin and Retin A 0.05% cream. Stopped using the Benzaclin a long time back but have continued using the Retin A 0.05% ever since. It has helped fade the red marks but there are still uneven texture spots in the skin that are not going away. They look like a mix of ice pick scars and other scars (not sure of the name) and I don't
  9. I've been using the retin-a, stievea cream for approximately a year now. My regime involves applying at night and then moisturizing with jojoba oil 20mins to 30mins later. The morning regime includes face wash followed by moisturizer and sunblock. My question is what do i use for an exfoliant? My skin has become super flakey and dry and with the sunblock/moisturizer it still looks flakey once i apply my foundation. Any ideas? I;m scared to use anything too strong b.c of how it may react with the
  10. What vitamin c serum do people use? If i pick one off from Body Shop would that work?
  11. I've been dying to start dermarolling and have been doing a lot of research but can't seem to find the best one to purchase. Any suggestions of where I can order or pick them up from? I'm in Toronto, Canada. Thanks
  12. It would be good to hear from more people that have used both.... anyone out there?
  13. Yes, thats why i'm looking into it. Too afraid to try lasers or resurfacing. Still trying to figure out which dermaroller/stamp to buy and from where. PM me if you have a link or website you suggest. Thanks
  14. Also want to know what size needles you're using for your dermaroller???
  15. What about the body shop vitamin C serum? Thats something I've been considering but not sure if it is any good? Any clue?