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  1. I feel the same way! I just want to be able to wear mascara and some blush and be good to go! I hate wearing makeup. Right now my face looks great but my upper neck and jawline is a mess. I just want it to go away. I am keeping positive though and trying to ride out the storm in hopes of sunny skies at the end! : ) Just gotta keep the faith and give it time!

  2. Hi again Alohakalani!I just read your blogs. I was waiting for the IB just like you but here I am at one month and I have not had one (knock on wood). I am only on 20mg/once a day though but we are doubling that next week so that might change things. I hope I don't have one but I don't know if I will be that lucky! lol. Good luck on week 2!

  3. hiIm in similar situation to you im a 27 yr old mum of a 3 yr old and onl started to suffer last year with proper acne before this i would get the odd spot here and there but nothing i couldnt hide with a little make-up at the time mine started i was going through a breakup and a house move so think the stress had something to do with it.Anyway im on roaccutane now and have just started my 9th week between week 4 and now i suffered a major breakout which i think is just starting to subside,im also only on 20mg which i hope to get put up on 1st feb,i dont really get any side effects anymore, i dont have oily skin at all so thats good but when i first started it i had itchy scalp,dry lips,eyes etc so defo thinki have just got used to the dose.I have found some reassurance from this site that it is a process and wont clear up over night.kat x
    Hi Kat x,What dose have you been taking? I am on 20mg once a day for now but will be moving up to 40mg once a day next week. I am looking forward to the new dosage and hopefully things will start moving along. *knock on wood* I have not had any IB yet. That might change once my dosage goes up I suppose. I have had drier skin lately but that's about it. Nothing else has changed so far.Thanks for writing and your right this site does help a lot. It's nice to know that there are others out there going through the same thing you are. : ) Good luck to you on your treatment and keep in touch!
  4. Hello! I started accutane on Jan 11th. I was prescribed 20mg 2x a day of amnesteem. It is actually now my 1st week of being on it! So far, I haven't seen many results as far as my acne is concerned. I do have the dry lips and my skin is starting to feel a bit dry and flaky. My headaches went away and my tiredness has subsided. I am 5'1 and weigh 105lbs.
    Hello Alohakalani!I had headaches the first few days too. Now I don't thank goodness. I will be taking the same amount of amnesteem as you in a few days. I wish you the best on your treatment and we will have to keep in touch and compare notes! : )