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  1. Ok so I had my Derm appt. 4 days ago and was put on 40mg 1x per day instead of 20mg/1x per day. So I've only been on the new dose for 4 days and haven't noticed much difference. My face seems a little more red but that's about it so far. My face actually looks good but my jawline and upper neck area are not so great. I seem to have these hard nodules that won't go away and have been there forever and then I break out with smaller pimples by those nodules. They are red and I just can't wait for t
  2. sumer27

    Day 12

    I feel the same way! I just want to be able to wear mascara and some blush and be good to go! I hate wearing makeup. Right now my face looks great but my upper neck and jawline is a mess. I just want it to go away. I am keeping positive though and trying to ride out the storm in hopes of sunny skies at the end! : ) Just gotta keep the faith and give it time!
  3. I am only on day 4 of my second month of taking Accutane (Amnesteem) and I have a similar situation. I am also on 40mg/1x per day. My first month I was only on 20mg/1x per day so I have only been on the 40mg for 4 days now. I have a few small bumps on my lower jaw/chin area that will not go away and have been there since month 1. I am not freaking out about it because I am sure that the meds are just bringing everything out and they will go away in time. Besides I'm the only one who can even see
  4. I actually have not gone the birth control route. My derm didn't want to do that because I have a history of blood clots in my family so we steared clear of that option. I have heard that it did work well for some women with hormonal acne though. My big thing was that I just wanted this to go away for good. I didn't want to be put on something that will make it better for a while and then have it come back again later. I know there is a chance of that with accutane too but the odds are less when
  5. Hi Susanna! I felt like I was reading my own blog when I was reading yours. We have a lot in common with acne issues. I also used Proactive for about 3 years and I was perscribed 2 different antibiodicts the last 2 years, RetinA cream and other things. I never had skin problems until I turned 28. Now I am 30 and finally decided to go on accutane (amnesteem). I am only just finishing up my first month so nothing has really happened so far. I too had those hard nodules, cysts or whatever the
  6. Hi again Alohakalani!I just read your blogs. I was waiting for the IB just like you but here I am at one month and I have not had one (knock on wood). I am only on 20mg/once a day though but we are doubling that next week so that might change things. I hope I don't have one but I don't know if I will be that lucky! lol. Good luck on week 2!
  7. Hi Kat x,What dose have you been taking? I am on 20mg once a day for now but will be moving up to 40mg once a day next week. I am looking forward to the new dosage and hopefully things will start moving along. *knock on wood* I have not had any IB yet. That might change once my dosage goes up I suppose. I have had drier skin lately but that's about it. Nothing else has changed so far.Thanks for writing and your right this site does help a lot. It's nice to know that there are others out t
  8. Hello Alohakalani!I had headaches the first few days too. Now I don't thank goodness. I will be taking the same amount of amnesteem as you in a few days. I wish you the best on your treatment and we will have to keep in touch and compare notes! : )
  9. sumer27

    I made my face feel soft and clean. Did not keep acne away. It may work for some people but may not for others. I have mild/moderate hormonal acne and used this product for a few years. It never kept me clear or kept acne from continuing to come.
  10. Ok so after reading other people's blogs and comments for a couple months I decided to do my own as well. I am a 30 year old mom that started getting hormonal acne about 2 years ago. It has mainly been on my jawline, chin and upper neck. It is mild/moderate acne. I have a couple "nodules" I believe they are called. They are big and round and hard but do not get whiteheads at all. They just stay big and hard and take months to go away. I have only gotten 3 so far and they are only on my