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  1. Hey, its been a while - this website has even changed and i hardly know how to use it!! Im up to 2 months post 'tane. My skin has started to have oil return back to it - hopefully it doesnt get back to how it was. Have only had a couple of small pimples. No blackheads have come back to my nose. My right hand continues to give me grief. The skin split and it got infected so i had to go on antibiotics, and they made me really sick i am currently using advantan cream on it... My lips a
  2. Tlee

    Day 6 A.R.

    So im into day 6 after roaccutane My fingers are starting to look better - not peeling as much, less red, less itchy My lips are still dry, my face isnt oily, my nose is still dry on the inside. Clear Skin. My hair is not oily. I had one drink last night (vodka mix) and felt so unbelieably bad. I dont know if this has anything to do with coming off the roac or if perhaps it had heaps of sugar in the mix (as sugar has bad effects for me) - but what ever the cause was, i dont want th
  3. Tlee

    day 1 of no 'tane

    So i took my last pill last night. I had it in my hand and stared at it for quite a while. It was quite emotional really... It felt weird not having one after dinner tonight... it will be interesting to see if i feel a difference tomorow. I dont think i will. If anything, itll have to be a few days. My derm has given me a prescription for epiduo, which i have never used, for maintenance. Hoping i will never use it I uploaded pictures of my fingers so anyone who wants to see the blister
  4. Tlee

    fingers - blistered/ peeling

    Pics of my fingers that have blistered due to the roac. They are now looking really bad as i covered them up with bandaids. When they first blistered there were lots of little fluid filled lumps, now its red and spotty and dry and itchy and bad looking.
  5. Tlee

    Just saw your latest pics and your skin looks FABULOUS!!!!! So happy for you :)

  6. It is the END At the beginning it felt like it was forever and a day away, but looking back now, 6 months has gone like the click of a finger!! I havent posted in around three months as there hasnt been much to post about. Roac cleared my face up 100% and DRASTICALLY improved my scars. Part of the way through my treatment my derm decided to drop me to 4 months, (from 6), but after seeing the AMAZING (her words) improvement, she said we would do six months. My extreme oil problem is go
  7. Tlee

    day 87

    WOOOOOWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEE its been a while!!! I am almost done with month 3 already! Now for an update, that cyst that was shrinking - well it shrunk too much. Now i have a trench in my cheek It has filled in a bit though and is less deep now, so we will see how it goes - maybe a candidate for future dermal filling. On another note, the lump on the left side of my face near my jaw line just will not completely shrink - its so frustrating!! When i run my finger over it it kind of fe
  8. Tlee

    D 58

    Today is day 58, so im almost done with month 2 - and this means im half way in my course!!!! FARR OOUUTTT cant believe it. Yesterday i woke up with a really bad stomach ache (like up where the stomach actually is, close to the bottom of the rib cage area) and it lasted most of the day. I have had similar pain before, and it was apparently gall bladder pain, associated with actions my liver was undertaking at the time. The fact that it is back when i am taking roac makes me nervous. I am hopi
  9. I woke up thismorning and got a shock! I looked like i had had a massive night partying lol. My eyes were so red and awful looking and feeling (burning) - and stayed like it most of the day, even though i used drops. Thanks for that roaccutane! The Lump left under the skin from the cyst on my cheek is slowly shrinking (is very small really). I have continued to put benzac cream on it. Rest of my skin looks great. I have always had blackheads all over my nose, but not anymore! was going to
  10. Tlee

    day ?

    ...Ive lost drack of my days - cant be bothered working it out right now. Not heaps to report. Have had 4 pimples at the 4 corners of my face. Not sure if i have mentioned this before, but i have an aloe vera plant, so i have been applying the gel from that to pimple scabs etc and it works really well - takes out redness and swelling and heals it quickly. I got in my car today and just looked at myself in the rear vision mirror - in daylight. Big step. Have been avoiding mirrors for so l
  11. Tlee

    good news

    Good news champs! My cyst exploded last night - yeya! I put a bit of pressure on it washing my face and yeah, hello goop. Its pretty scabby at the moment and still a bit swollen but much, much better, and no pain! So i didnt look SOOO bad for my conference today. I did actually buy the apple cider vinegar, but yeah didnt get to use it. In other news, had a few white heads thismorning, as well as a pimple on my forehead, which might go tonight. Also, well done to me, because i still ha
  12. Tlee


    Thanks KC! After the derm mentioned having mine injected, i actually went back through your blog, because i remember you saying you were going in to your derm to get injections! As it turns out, last night i was washing my face - put a pit of pressure on it, and BAM it exploded ha ha...im so happy its not hurting anymore!As i follow your blog, i also want to wish you luck with you higher dose! You CAN get through it
  13. Tlee


    The pimple on my cheek, hereafter referred to as the cyst, is HUGE and HURTS. Im trying to work out wheather or not to go to the shop to get apple cider vinegar to put on it to act as a poultice and draw it out...or put on the Benzac 10%.... Anyone used cider while on Roac? Im so embarrassed by this monster Its taking over my whole face and i have a conference to go to on Thurs... I dont want to network when i look like this! Also weighing up going back to the derm for an injection tomorrow
  14. Tlee

    derm today

    I am holding an iceblock wrapped in a tissue to my cheek right now. My pimple has doubled in size since last entry. The iceblock trick definately works for reducing swelling, redness and pain. It was throbbing most of today My derm said thismorning that depending on how it goes she could inject it with antibiotic...has anyone had this done? Im assuming its not the same as steriod/cortisone? Does it scar? In the meantime im going to continue to ice, and put on Benzac 10% which my brother left a
  15. Tlee


    I discovered today that 'tane has exacerbated my skin allergies. I am allergic to hairy animals ie, horses, cats, dogs and my symptoms are usually very minor, and occur only if i have HEAPS of contact. I actually have a beautiful dog of my own, i just make sure not to rub myself all over him, or touch/rub my eyes after touching him. HOWEVER, I had to touch him more tonight as he just had surgery on his leg and is less mobile and needed help shifting around - so i had quite a bit of contact o