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  1. I have recently switched insurances due to a new job and was very upset to hear that my new insurance covers none of my current acne medications. I struggled with acne for years even though I was seeing a dermatologist before finding a routine that actually worked. I believe the most effective medicine I use is benzaclin. In the past dr's have tried to switch me to something more "mild" because it does irritate my skin some in the winter and I was not actively breaking out anymore, but eve
  2. I think benzaclin is the most effective treatment I've ever been on. I apply it once a day- like others said it is drying/irritating so I can't imagine using it twice a day. Make sure you have a good moisturizer for sure. Once my acne cleared up my derm kept trying to put me on something more gentle, but every time I went off the benzaclin my acne would come back in full force within a week or two. If it's really irritating your skin you can always skip a day too. I'm on several other medic
  3. Aczone is a newer medicine...I'm on it but I'm confused about it because my two derms told me two different things. My old derm (from my hometown) told me that aczone was a mixture of the medicines that are in benzaclin and tazorac (both of which I was already on). The benzaclin and tazorac were irritating my skin so he prescribed aczone to use on nights when I felt my skin couldn't handle the benzaclin and tazorac. He said it was milder, not as effective but not as irritating. My new derm t
  4. I tried proactive for over a year when I was younger and it did not work at all. When my mom called to cancel the subscription, they refused to believe her when she said the reason was that it simply was not working. They then said that I should try the stronger version of their product- why would you not start with the stronger version?? Maybe it would help someone who gets an occasional pimple or two, but if you have real acne I think the only way to go is to see a dermatologist.
  5. No one has ever been intentionally mean, but I hate when people try to "help". I'm on 6 prescription medicines for acne and people think that telling me to "get some clearasil" is all I need. "You should see a dermatologist"- yup already got one. "You should go on birth control"- yup already on it. I absolutely hate when people make comments about nutrition too..."if you'd just stop drinking pop" "If you wouldn't eat that snack". They don't mean to be rude but people are so ignorant!
  6. I'm an elementary teacher also. I'm 23 and this is my first year. I'm personally more concerned about what parents/administrators/coworkers think than what the kids think. I already look very young for my age, and I'm afraid acne makes me look even younger and people won't take me seriously. So far I haven't had too many issues. There are a few other teachers with acne (must be the dry air?) worse than mine, and I haven't seen anyone say anything to them. I was more worried about looking rea
  7. I live in the Colorado rocky mountains...pollution is not really an issue lol. I also have mild but very persistent acne. My derm used to insist I would grow out of it by 22, I'm 23 and it's still as strong as ever. I used to live in the midwest, also in an area with little polution. I have noticed that several of my young coworkers have pretty serious acne- people age 25/26, which is not something I really saw in the midwest. I thought maybe it was the dry air.
  8. I have the exact same problem, exactly as you described I always look burnt but the skin around my eyes is white. I always brought it up to my derm and he said "there is nothing I can do about that it's just your natural skin tone". I'm on a ton of meds (6 prescriptions) and my acne remains "mild" while on them- I'm sure they irritate my skin but then I have to decide do I want acne or red skin? The red skin is a lot easier to cover up with makeup. I've tried switching out my meds for gentle
  9. I stopped using it when I had to go off my insurance for a few months. I noticed no difference. I never thought it did anything anyway- I think my benzaclin is far more effective and I kept getting that duirng the period when I had no insurance. I have a new derm now, and both she and my old derm swear by Tazorac so the new derm put me on it again.
  10. Hi I'm new here- my acne is fairly "mild-moderate" most of the time, but I am 23 and stil breaking out constantly. I'm currently on a benzoyl peroxide wash (prescription), benzaclin, aczone, tazorac, doxycycline, and birth control. I have very dry/sensitive skin and the benzaclin while very effective (I get huge breakouts if I go off of it even for a few days) is really drying. My old derm told me that aczone was a milder mixture of what is in both benzaclin and tazorac, but not as effective.