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  1. But that only marks that particular section of the forum as read, not the whole forum. There used to be an option on the main forum page to mark the whole forum as read.
  2. There used to be an option where you could mark the whole forum as read. Will this option be coming back?
  3. Firefox also has an option to remember passwords on the pc/laptop that you are currently using. I think all browsers have that option. Remember though, that if you chose to allow the browser to save your password, that anyone using that machine will also have access to your acne.org account.
  4. Instead of using glycolic acid on it's own, you could try the Acne.org regimen which uses benzoyl peroxide first to kill off the acne bacteria. Have a look here:- http://www.acne.org/regimen-body.html
  5. I used to get the same remarks (although unfortunately not any longer!). A lot of people think only teenagers get acne.
  6. Sorry for late reply. I didn't get any email notification to say that someone had posted in this thread (although I still get them for other threads). My profile is working again now, but I still get the error message when selecting "My Content".
  7. I can see image attachments again now. I have manually corrected the broken link myself to my gallery photos. Can anyone see my profile if they click on my avatar? I get the message "Sorry, there is a problem Something went wrong. Please try again." I can see everyone else's profile if I click on their avatars, but not my own. I get the same message when I click on "My Content" from the drop down under my avatar at the top of the page.
  8. Photo attachments not showing. e.g. this thread:- http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/353132-chest-acne/
  9. I kept getting the message that my user name or password wasn't recognised when I tried to sign in (even though it's the one I have always used). I had to use the link for a forgotten password to get back in. Also the link to my gallery photos in my sig is broken. EDIT...logged out & tried to log in again, but again my user name or password wasn't recognised. However, when I tried my Display Name instead of my Log-in Name it worked. So anyone else with this problem, use your Display Name
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. As part of my regimen when clearing my face acne (shown in my gallery photos), I took 6 supplements including Omega3 fish oil. I still take them every day, even though my face is now clear. I haven't tried probiotics though, so will add that to my daily supplement list. I used Dan's AHA+ for my back (worked great), & Dan's BP on my chest (also worked great). I still use both once a week for "maintenance".
  11. Unfortunately, a lot of the products mentioned aren't readily available in the UK. I would like to try T/Sal but I would have to import it from USA. I was using T/Gel for a long time, but it's only supposed to be used short-term (according to the label). So I stopped using it for a while & started using a "normal" shampoo. My scalp acne has now got worse again. I might try Bragg ACV & see how that goes. The reports that it also treats hair loss is a bonus (but I'll believe that when
  12. I have tried that in the past, but I do like a good lather. When using my cleanser, the lather has disappeared before I've finished shaving.
  13. Since starting the regimen 6 years ago, I also changed my shaving foam to Avene, which is labeled as non-comedogenic. I now find that it's no longer available anywhere in the UK. I also cannot find any other shaving foams online that are labeled as non-comedogenic. Can anyone recommend a shaving foam , available in the UK, that is non-comedogenic?
  14. I also didn't experience any redness or burning or stinging but then, as bkubs says, some of us may have tougher skin than others. As an "older person" that's probably my reason.
  15. On the old checkout page you could click on a link to find out your shipping options after entering just your country & postcode. This seems to have disappeared now. It looks like you now have to enter all your details before clicking on the "Place Order Now" button which then gives you the shipping options.