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  1. Dot sections of your face before spreading it around.
  2. glad that this product is working for you, I seem to have permanent redness though I have only been a few months past the severe rosacea out break of cystic pimples and from a certain make up. I am using pro minerals now and it is fantastic, the compressed foundation provides excellent coverage. bizi
  3. I have lots of redness too on %50 of my face , I don't flush either they look like scars and wonder if they will ever go away. I hear your pain sorry about this. I am 48 years old have both rosacea and acne. just started using acanya to see if it can prevent any future out breaks. It made my face even redder last night but back to usual this morning. bizi
  4. My face was beat red after I put it on last night but back to normal this morning. Is that normal? I am supposed to test it every other night for a while then go to every night. right now I don't have any acne but a slew of red marks scars and redness.
  5. I just started today....I am 48 and a rosacea sufferer. Have had a bad case of acne cystic that is finally clearing up after using domeboro soaks. using cetaphil antibacterial soap. my face is like a battle field very very red on 50% of my face, I look like I have had acid burns....I will see if I can post a picture.Oh how I wish I looked like my profile picture last year. sigh bizi
  6. Dear ashley I am so happy for you that your face is clearer. I understand about all of the red marks...I am just impatiently waiting for them to go away. I have been off the Ben peroxide since jan. You know that I had a terrible reaction to finacea that my derm put me on. The one side, left side of my face broke out terribly. But I have rosacea and acne. so then I went back to the derm and he started me on an antibiotic in the tetracycline family and aczone lotion. Which I have to say has been w
  7. I wish you the best of luck , I know that you will have this under control ashley. I admire your will power. I wish that I could have tolerated the water only phase, I had so many clogged pores and oily skin...sigh anyway. good luck and thank you for being so supportive to me. bizi
  8. thank you for your post, I was actually talking about I was getting really constipated on that diet. Guess I was not eating enough veggies. and I have been trying to drink more water. I really don't want to have to start taking laxatives....
  9. Hi Bizi! I sent you a PM about things I've read on Rosacea if you feel like you're out of options as far as things to try.

  10. hi moonset, I was diagnosed with rosacea but that was before this outbreak flareup from the finacea. Ihave not seen the derm since I broke out this badly. I did use the zinc oxide cream last night which was a disaster! never put a gooppy paste on your face...what was I thinking? sigh my bumps were weeping by the time I go that all off. it looks like I have poisin ivy. I used the baking soda again this morning and it felt goodused witch hazel which felt good also and then applied make up.... I am
  11. hi moonset, Iused baking soda on my face today and it was the first thing to not make my face burn. wow! It was very soothing. Ihave heard that it may be a fungal infection so I got some athletes foot powder that I am going to try tonight. also got some zinc and witch hazel. my skin is very oily and pores clog easily. bizi
  12. I am convinced that the topiclas gave me this awful out break. Iused finacea and broke out horribly on my left cheec. only there I will post a picture. have not been back to the derm yet giving a trial of hydro cortizone a shot so far no better and it has been 4 days. I don't know that I have seb dermatitis. I know it is a dermatitis though. red enflamed flaking some white heads. how do you deal with the redness and make up...mine looks horrid so that I use make up to cover it. my nose has been
  13. I think the finacea caused serious outbreak like I have never had before.It looks like poisin ivy and flakes and irritated, it only broke out like this AFTER I stopped using it due to stinging. I will post a picture for you to see how awful the left side of my face is. I am using phiso derm cleanser to my whole face and am clear the rest of my face. now I am using hydrocortizone cream to my left side of my face, this is what the derm told me to do...am going to wait a week before I call again. n
  14. metro gel is metronidazole 1% my co pay was $50 so I know this stuff is expensive! I am supposed to use it on my entire face twice a day. do you wear make up...i used to, it had sunscreen and I think that made my nose break out repeatedly. yeah the derm makes a 5 min appointment with you....can you imagine keeping up with 5 minute appointments? crazy! bizi
  15. hey I just caught up with your thread/log. Have you ever been to a dermatologist? I went a couple of weeks ago and was told that I have rosacia. spider blood vessels by my nose and some on my cheeks. good luck with your not picking...I am a picker too. just had some "scars" burned off iwth good results, so far still waiting for the red marks to go away. I am 48, am using cerave cleaner and metro gel from him...don't like what I am seeing...still breaking out chin and nose, tried ashley's no wash