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  1. Update - Breakouts are less frequent - Blackheads on nose is mostly gone - Nose bleeds happen from time to time - Skin is peeling at the moment - Dry eyes, lips and even forearms at the moment - Forearm developed rash (putting medication on it) - Skin is dry as of now - Noticed my motivation levels going down
  2. Don't worry bro, first off 5'7 is not a bad height. Anyone who tells you that is actually just insecure with themselves. I totally understand what it's like to have acne.. if you want you can go on accutane if it's that bad.
  3. Someone who used to have severe acne and now a cosmetologist told me my skin looks really good
  4. Thank you! Day 12 - 18 - Nose bleeds happen from time to time - Eyes are dry - Lips are extremely dry so I put lip balm on it - Lots of small black heads form on the nose... my dermatologist said it will eventually go away because of accutane - Overall skin is a lot less oily, people don't mention how oily my skin is anymore
  5. This might sound cheesy but you will find someone who will love and respect you regardless of whether you have acne or not. If you don't believe me look up Cassandra Bankson. She was on Karma's a b*tch and she was bullied because she had severe acne and she still does. She eventually found the love of her life who accepted her for who she is and also became a model later on.
  6. blahblah82 is one of the only guys that understands the dating scene on this forum
  7. You're misunderstanding the "Nice guy" stereotype. I'm not saying you can't be nice, I'm saying "Nice guys" generally have weak behavior such as weak emotional control, seeking approval and putting woman on a pedestal. I'm not saying be an a-hole but when push comes to shove you need to be assertive and know how the dating scene works. The more attractive and confident the woman is, the less she will tolerate weak behavior and putting her on a pedestal. I'm assuming it's a girl that told you "yo
  8. Day 5 - 11 - Dry lips - Dry skin mainly in the t zone area (feels good since t zone has always been oily) - My dosage is now alternating between 80mg and 40mg - My acne isn't breaking out as bad now - Overall skin is less oily
  9. This only has validity provided you have the height, facial aesthetics, and low juvenile hairline to pull it off (I can see in your profile pic that you're blessed with dark hair and a low juvenile hairline in addition to olive skin) You wont see a guy with a long face, rosacea , a big/broad forehead and male pattern baldness with a cute girl. It's just like how most "jocks" have a naturally robust frame, tall, with broad shoulders. You don't have to be a good looking guy to be
  10. You know acne will go away eventually so once it goes away and you have these qualities you will be top echelon. You are wrong. Acne might never go away. We'll never know how OP will respond to the regimen until he posts about it.
  11. I probably have worse skin than you (moderate acne) at the moment and on accutane. In fact today a girl just confessed to me because she likes my personality and what I do. Here's the truth, you're already doing what you can to reduce your acne symptoms so when you're with a girl you have to let go of that insecurity. Yes looks do count but they're not everything. You need to develop an ATTRACTIVE personality, meaning confidence and no weak behavior. You need hobbies make you stand out from the
  12. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/14975524 Adolescent acne is considered from the perspective of evolutionary psychology with an emphasis on a role in mate choice. The fact that acne, which is almost universal and not a true infection, is (1) initiated at puberty by the action of pubertal hormones on likely distinct, pro-acne follices, and (2) typically resolves in one's early twenties when prefrontal cortex development is complete, suggests that the condition's timeframe is meaningful. Ac
  13. "Wash your face more often" - I have oily skin so washing my face too much is going to make my skin even oilier "You should use ______ product" - Most people that tell me this only have 1-2 pimple occasionally. I used to have severe acne and I've used almost every single product. Currently I'm on accutane so I'm hoping that will cure my acne "Acne is not a big deal or if I had acne I wouldn't care" - Says people who've never had acne especially severe acne. People generally say that out
  14. Day 4 - Left knee hurts a bit - Some cyst begins to form and white heads. I went to the dermatologist for costisone shots for treatment - Dermatologist said in 3 days I can alternate between 80mg accutane and 40mg - No improvement with acne from accutane but thanks to costisone shots the cysts is healing fast
  15. Day 3 - I guess I'm experiencing what people on accutane call the initial breakout. I think I'm experiencing this because accutane pushes acne out to the skin quicker. It generally takes 2 weeks for acne to form. - Joints are stiffer - Muscle is used to the stiffness - No improvement on acne so far