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  1. Well guys, I am back on this website after many years. I remember reading that few ever share success stories because they forget about this website and acne etc. So here I am. I've been on accutane 3 times since I first registered on this site some 5 years ago. My life is far better now that I am for the most part, clear. My skin has never returned to the horrible depressing state it was before my first round of accutane. Some acne did return, so I went on the med several more times (the l
  2. Assuming you get along with just the normal side effects, you wont regret it. Good luck, and feel free to message me if you want to compare experiences...day 14, second course here lol.
  3. Good luck, and state your case hard...you have grounds to ask for it. Cheers.
  4. Yeah, I'm not sure why my doc had me go only 3 months... I think she might prescribe me 80 mg/day (I was taking around 60mg before) for the couple months. At least I hope she will. Oh, and Quebec isn't a country, lol - they're still part of Canada. eww quebec...
  5. I experienced troubled opening my mouth wide last course I had, try drinking a very large amount of water, and gobbing on a thick layer of moisturizer to lips while sleeping or not in public...then maintain with good chapstick. It wont be perfect, but do what it takes to step through...
  6. ha...try being on accutane and in the army... SOLDIER, WHY THE HECK ARE YOUR LIPS SO CHAPPED? at least I'm too busy to get tired
  7. I only have to go in once every couple of months :dance: and...yea, day 4 not feeling anything yet. last time I was on accutane it took a week or more to even get chapped lips.
  8. I work out and run, as well i try to have an above average fashion sense.
  9. I didnt really get an ib on accutane, started course number 2 this week...so ill let yea know if i get an IB.
  10. I'm in an exact position like yours, started my course a year ago...starting to come back again, considering another course. If im able to (if the doc lets me) I'm gonna give it another shot...maybe this time it wont come back within a month of finishing. Maybe we need higher dosages...