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  1. I have like 3 tubes and a bottle of the stuff. However, I read that any exfoliant is too harsh for acne prone people like us, since we already have sensitive skin. What was recommended to me was baking soda. Its very gently. I mix it with St. Ives makeup removing cream (like 2 bux a tube at walmart) and the baking soda is dirt cheap. Multiple uses too.
  2. I just take a warm cloth and press it over the affected area for a good 15 minutes and then use my trusty fingernails
  3. If you're using green tea teabags, you do NOT want to steep for any more than 4 minutes. You WILL get more antioxidants if you steep longer, but the taste will be sh!t. For a perfect balance between taste and benefits, go for 3 and a half minutes. I don't know about loose-leaf teas, so the 20 minutes may be right for that.
  4. OK, so like a lot of people here, I am really oily. For some reason the pores on and around my nose have become enlarged and don't excrete oil very well. These gradually turn slightly brown or dark and just look really unsightly. I was told not to sqeeze them a few years ago, but I still do to get them clean-looking. I have tried the nose strips to try to pull them out, but I think that the texture of the skin on my nose has changed since being exposed to acne and they don't work very well at al
  5. I think you're full of sh!t... and you're lucky that the raisins are getting it out JK
  6. Hey delna, do you think that I can use the egg whites that come in a refrigerated box instead of piecing out the yolks and whites from regular eggs?
  7. Then you just keep on going. Its no good worrying, you might get acne!
  8. guys, thanks for the tips. I think I am going to start using the exfoliation using baking soda, and also do the lemon juice/egg whites. I never thought that the scrubs could be so damaging, but a lot of what you guys have said makes sense.
  9. Steam rooms are good for exfoliating. Not from personal experience, but sweating doesn't have anything to do with acne, since they come from completely different pores. I am going to try the lukewarm shower thing, I generally start warm and go to rediculously hot in the shower, as my body adjusts. Especially in the winter. We will see what happens.
  10. I have been following the regimen for about 3 weeks now. Here is my problem, however. I have mild acne, and the regimen has cleared it up somewhat. My face got very dry at first, so I toned down on the BP. The problem with my skin is that it is very slow to exfoliate, no matter how much I coax it. There always seems to be a substantial layer of what seems to be dead skin covering much of my face, but doesn't come off. I have supplemented the Regimen with St. Ives Invigorating Apricot scrub, whi
  11. You've convinced me on the Daily Facial Cleanser and Makeup Removal... Normal Soap tends to dry my skin out pretty badly. As far as shaving goes, do you just shave wet, or do you use a shaving cream? I also got a bottle of the Dove SPF15 stuff, I don't know what alpha-hydroxy does for you, but the dove seems packed with healthy stuff. Few more questions: Did you get the apricot scrub in the fat bottle with the unscrewing lid (marked: Invigorating) or did you get the apricot scrub (marked: for