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  1. Some things which my muse Mnemosyne temporarily withheld: I live in New England, and this winter particularly my skin seems to be suffering the effects of the seasonal change. I used to get away without really taking my showers too seriously, but I now find myself moisturizing my entire body after every shower. The rough spots could be hyper-dehydrated patches of skin. An older relative of mine suggested it may be shingles. I have my reservations regarding this theory. Primarily, although the
  2. Greetings. Let me make this easy: TL;DR Rough skin, slight redness, temporary termination of the regimen. Now that we have that out of the way let's begin. This will be a fairly comprehensive post. Those who are willing to read and confer are owed my thanks. We have all encountered difficulties. Please help me overcome mine. I have been on the regimen for ~4 months. The open sharing of knowledge and information exemplify the spirit of this community, one which strives to better others by bett