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    Iam in a dark cave alone untill my acne's get cured

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  1. Long time since i hear from u... how are u? must have been an all clear guy huh?:)

  2. Well..well..well, just today i had my 2nd sitting done for dermarolling or what they say.. micro needling procedure! This time, the derm was too hard on me.... i felt those needles pinching but i'm happy, cause i think it may work. This derm is always confusing me about my improvement by upcoming sittings, last time(which was my 1st sitting) he said that actual results will seem visual 2-3 months after 2nd or 3rd sitting and by this time.. he's just saying my condition will generally improve acc
  3. 6-12!!!! that's like too much! anyway, if i have to wait for the good i will be patient, but the problem is that the results are not certain. I mean, derm didn't assured any real time neither any percentage of general improvement. I'm blind walking to a not so lonely road because most of the people with dermarolling experience weren't that happy or those who were only had few scars, not as severe as mine! After like one week, i'm back to normal which is quite ugly but i prefer to say it no
  4. oh.. shit..shit..shit... the scars are getting deep again!! i will be the same again.. i heard the real effects of dermarolling start showing off after 2 or 3 weeks, so i'm highly hopefull but somewhere my intuition is suggesting it might not work...! Hey guys, tell me something do these scars look really that horible??? i mean that much to make me ugly? If you suggest anything i may also post my full picture.
  5. So, hows your skin? is there some improvement?
  6. aww.. no response! whatever, it's my third day after dermarolling and still swelling continues. Atleast it seems better than depressed scars. I know, i look like shit with these scars and dermarolling might not help that dramatically what i expect. Still i hope i will look good someday with bubbling confidence and tons of self esteem but for that, i need to try.. so, i'm trying the much i'm capable of.....
  7. So, after lots of research and lots of sufferings i gave dermarolling a try(coz, its cheap and heard to be effective as well). I have lurked a lot in this scars section regarding any home cure or non-cosmetic cure.. but, i guess those won't work for me at least! I will upload my pictures asap but let me share my experience first, the clinic was tip top.. the derm is my favourite and as far as now, i share great rapport with him. He's the guy who suggested me accutane and now i'm acne free
  8. I have used some lightening products and trust me, that's just lighten my skin tone for 15mins. and then boommm..... horrible breakouts..! I guess, those were hormonal acne's adding with those products became my biggest mistake till now...!
  9. thanks tim! actually, now i regret those tremendous picking n squeezing days.. else i might not need this treatment! newys, how r u now?must b an acne free guy.. huh??

  10. Oh my goodness man this is so awesome to hear! Dermarolling is a pretty good treatment too! I'm so glad to hear that you're conquering your acne :)

  11. atlast i have my success with accutane.. but i think, it made my scars more depressed! derm. told me to have d derma roller treatment next week.. :) ..how u doin??

  12. Hey buddy! how is the Tane treatment going?

  13. SKIN CONDITION: Acne's no more.. scars are still horrible. I have been on dosage 20mg or about 2months. It always felt quiet sad to see the pigmented scars as i have been all clear since last 3 weeks. Health wise: I'm eating healthy, doing regular exercise and drinking tons of water. I think i need derma roller or stamp to get rid of the stubborn scars. As for now, my finals are there.. so no time for that. Sometimes, i feel so depressed for all these shitty things happening on my face but i'
  14. -------Oh i can't afford more acne's on my face!! It's already terrible enough! Think i have to research a lot before trying mandelic acid.. N ya, i'm an asian.. so as far as i'm concerned laser is quiet risky for my skin type! also i think, it's far more costly than i can spend.
  15. A BIG thanks to you for this. Well, as per you post suggest feel i'm in deep shit! I never wanted to do any kind of cosmetic procedure especially for acne related reasons.. which everyone around me consider a thing of minor importance! I think i need to sort out the pigmentation issue before anything else. While, i can't afford the laser way.. i want to try mandelic acid therewise. Does it require prescription or can u tell me any info 'bout it???