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  1. Calm down , i saw improvement from MRF too believe it or not i dont care , and she is right incorrect lenght of needles can cause energy delivered too deep and into fat layer and fat loss not energy itself , you re becoming rather aggresive here no one wants that , and Yes i believe you had bad exp from MRF , it can happen to anybody , and with bad dr that doesnt know what he s doing the chances something goes terrible wrong are high with any treatment , especialy with energy devices like lasers
  2. I mean how this is supposed to help remove acne scars ? This is some wound healing mechanism
  3. You need to subcise tethered scars before MRF, Thats it
  4. 2 and half years ago Lol , Where is it ? And how this is supposed to help with acne scars ?
  5. You cant say avoid this treatment avoid that treatment. Everyone is diff., there are people that have bad experience with laser and people that claim it saved their skin, that can be said about any treatmen. Every treatment has its risks. F.e. many people here say avoid lasers, never do laser on forehead it does nothing, and look Amanda got improvement. I got very nice improvement with subcision + filler on my forehead, and then with Genius RF + subc, so far so good . I think its
  6. Yes within a week in my case
  7. Isnt it better to try plastic surgeon that has good references ? I had a basal cell on side of my nose ( google Hugh Jackman cancer or basal cell ) , that is really chalenging to remove without unsightly scar, and i went to one very reputable plastic surgeon in my country, he had it removed , you can only see thiny small white scar if u look very closely . He used stiches that absorbed themself in to the body within a week or so .
  8. Well I must say from my experience same thing, i am not a doctor, but my exp. is that subcision with filler can lift the scars and release the tethers but it does very little for boxcar scars, i feel like boxcar scars are hardest to improve, even when i look at pics of some people here on forum or on internet, you can clearly see that boxcar scars resist pretty much every treatment, and i think u need some laser or medium. deep peels to get some improvement, looks like rolling scars can be impr
  9. What will hit market In 2021 ?
  10. Yes Thats the trick they use it a Lot , talking crap About 80% improvement Which is nonsense of course
  11. How many treatments you underwent ?
  12. It should be taken under harsh lightning , my dr takes pics under harsh lightning , btw lightning and angle is everything when it comes to acne scars
  13. exactly, and even energy device without subcision does nothing for tethered scars