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  1. Well maybe that post is negativ or slightly misunderstood cause of my english , and of course my mood is sometimes a problem. If theres too much negativity in that just delete it , or parts of it. I am thankfull for u trying to help and comunicate with me through messages, and I sure will take your advice or already took it, I have visited derm in my town and again i ll have another visit 26th as i wrote. Then i wanna visit doctor or two as we spoke through the messages, to listen to em
  2. I have not posted for a while, I went to other dermatologist in my hometown, he said i need to wait at least for 6 month since the laser to see whats going on with my skin and how it heals completly, mosturise nad avoid sun . After cca 2 months after treatment ( now its 3 months ) it looked like it wasnt that bad after all, my skin looked younger and better, scars were still there but improvement was maybe about 20% , which was great. I had maybe 2 weeks of hope . Well about a week ago it began
  3. What exactly this could help ? Acne scarring ?
  4. I tried to take pics of my scars yesterday with phone , but its awfull , my gf is not good photo maker :-), I am going away from home for a few days, I ll be back at weekend and we will try to do as much good angled photos of whole face as we can . Thx
  5. I give it a try with that other doc, i wonder what he will tell me, i heard that he is very cool guy , we ll see, as for european guys, i just checked out the forum and found name Dr Emil Hennigsen ? Beautiful Ambition and even Lim said that he is good, i saw some lady on this forum went to him in Odense and was very pleased with reslults, if i red it correctly she paid 900 Euro for subsicion and laser which is affordable, its not overpriced at all.
  6. Well they did my whole face, cause we agreed we are gonna do rejuvanation or younger look or whatever you call it in english , cause i am over 40 so thats why, lot of people does Fractional Co2 for younger look. I saw women with scarfree skin did laser just cause they wanna look younger. Look I red somewhere on realself, that even Davin Lim scarred people with laser, which he admitted and offered repair ( theres topic on that site ). Its really weird, looks like a lot of people have good re
  7. Problem in this country is that Drs dont even offer something like subcision , we have lasers , dermapen , its well known clinic with good reputation, they were very nice. There was really no diff between prices of laser and Infini , Infini was even more expensive I guess. So i didnt feel like they were trying to sell something most expensive. I saw many people online, like women they had this treatment and everything was fine. The worst thing is that i am blaming myself , that maybe i did
  8. Hi, after long time of hesitating , i decided to do a treatment on my acne scars on forehead and left side ( temple and cheek ). I wanted to try Infini RF, I saw video form Davin Lim, he was advoacting it a lot on youtube. However dr i went to said that she would rather use Fractional CO2 then Infini RF, cause it could give me better results. The price for both devices at their clinic was the same so i decided to do laser. I said to her that i red many horror stories like scarring ,
  9. Do you think that this could do any good to acne scars ? Its called Collarium. Its some kind of collagen therapy
  10. Can someone tell me where can european customer buy dermarollers and dermastamps ? ( I dont want to buy from USA or ASIA if possible )
  11. Is this dermaroller , dermastamp thing helping improve acne scarring ? I red a lot about it, wanted to try it, but I am afraid now. Even on this forum are people that are writing here it wont help and you it ll make your scars look worse, I really dont know if to try it or no ? I have scars on my forehead.
  12. He missed some, but he did subsicion on others , how are the results ?)
  13. I dont know maybe I am off topic, but I really wonder... I am checking this forum and others reading peoples experience and I must say all this acne scars "situation" is quite unbelieveble, we can put a man on the moonn, we have airplains, automobiles, weapons that can within seconds destroy whole planet, we can cure cure almost every disease in the world, nowadays doctors can give you new heart, kidneys, lungs, but we cant repair few depressions in skin ? )) Its really frustrating reading for
  14. i'm suspicious of the angling in the before and after pictures. that is not to say that there isn't improvement but rather that it may look like there's more improvement than is actually present due to the deadened lighting and different angle of the after photo for the first patient. I really hate this , why are they all trying to cheat us with these kind of pictures ?
  15. If it would works as shown on that picture, in 1 year we all would be scarless )