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  1. Nothing , my point is that all Those methods work for acne scars but improv is limited and some people have very poor results or mediocre if u want , so question of the day is can microcoring do better ?
  2. Try to Google microcoring instagram , there are some videos of microcoring , esp Mathew Avrammd , dr that promotes microcoring
  3. The question is , does it work better for scars then other methods that we know ? Cause dr will tell u it helps with scarring , but they tell u the same bout CO2 and other methods
  4. Ok next year we will get all rid off our scars , better ?
  5. Yes it will all come in future , in 70-80 years scars can be improved 90 % , Why not
  6. CO2 is effective for scarring , subcision is effective , Microneedling RF is effective , TCA , Phenol , so many effective things
  7. Yeah sure , if it worked that way , we d all get all our scars excised and Thats it , sadly it doesnt work like that , excision and punch excision is unpredictable , u may end up with worse scar then before
  8. Well its simple , people go for treatments , try diff modalities , some get improv some dont and they move on . Usually this road is 3-4 years long and thats it , f. e. im considering one more CO2 and i ll be done with this . Also truth to be told many people visit site , and visit drs with high hopes for 70% improv , then they find out that 30 % is more likely , so they just stop
  9. Deeper scars ? Medicine is literally helpless against those , mark my words 30 % best improv , you can get , only way how to get significant improv for deep icepick or boxcar is excision , but that is gambling really , no one will guarantee u the outcome , easiest to improve are rolling scars , surface is intact so subcise and fill , however u need refilling once a year i d say.