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  1. What happened ? Orange peel ? I still have discoloration and pih 3 months after fractional CO2 , it is slowly fading but im worried if it goes away completly
  2. Well from what i know hypopigmentation is irreversible but maybe u should try to consult with him , what he suggests ?
  3. I dont get it , why he performed phenol high conc on fitzpatrick 5 ? What was his response when it happened to you ? What did he suggest ? Did he offered some help ?
  4. Did you have orange peel after laser ? Did it went away ? Actually i think u re right , all procedures are far more riskier then drs are willing to admit , laser is overkill , i had fractional CO2 3 months ago , i still have discolorations and pih , its not that terrible but Its there , dr told me be patient its gonna go away, but its uncomfortable as hell , when asked him bout potential side effects before treatment , he told me dont worry i use standart settings , i never had problem , when i
  5. Thats 300 per session , Thats great price i think
  6. Summer of what year ?
  7. Frankly , i still dont understand how this is gonna help acne scars , but lets wait and see , we cant do anything else can we ?
  8. Did your redness and PIH go away ? I have slight redness and PIH, 2 and half months after fractional CO2 , nothing terrible but surely this doesnt make me happy , dr told me it will go away, but if i have it after 8 weeks its prolonged healing so naturaly im worried little bit . Of course i asked this dr before treatment he said dont worry , u re white male with thick skin , i use standart setting nothing will happen , now whoops it can happen saw it few times , suddenly Lol
  9. So in 6 months i think u ll be super happy with great results man , collagen rebuild takes time we all know that and for scarring i think removing superficial problems like pores , pigment , redness , discoloration can make HUGE diff . I wish you to see fantastic results , keep us updated , btw how about nose ? Usualy people have bigger pores on nose , does it help with that ?
  10. Boxcars are hardest to improve , i d say it depends on depth of scar , i have one boxcar scar on forehead that simply doesnt respond to anything , dr Emil tried subc , genius , i had CO2 11 weeks ago and its back , its hard to improve
  11. Has anyone tried that BBL forever young or BBL Hero ? This is something that is supposed to work for this superficial things like redness , discoloration or pigment
  12. its summertime , u have to do ur best to stay away from sun , im looking forward to see your results , i wish you all the best
  13. Exactly , only thing that keeps me coming back is scarless healing , i wanna know if there will be something new in scar treatments , like this microcoring altough i keep my expectations low , also what i d like to see people sharing their thoughts on drs , otherwise its still the same .