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    I love to play soccer. I love to laugh with my friends.
  1. March 14 (day 32)-March 20 (day 38)- flakier skin than before but not bad. Lips are more dried out then before. 2 pretty big cysts (one by my left ear and one near the left side of my mouth) and a couple little pimples near my mouth. A definite downgrade from last week. No current hand rashes and joints are doing well. I did get my bloodwork done at the end of the first month and I started with high cholesterol to begin with (250) but it had risen in the month (300). My derm said if it went up
  2. How's everything been going for you lately James?
  3. Sherbear

    the road to a clear future

    Oh btw I saw on Jackie's log you said you taught preschool. Get out! I teach kindergarten! Definitely love teaching the little ones because they are way more forgiving and less judgmental of my bad skin. Although they are naturally inquisitive, I once had a student ask me while on a field trip why I had "mosquito bites" on my face in front of a group of chaperones. TALK ABOUT EMBARASSING!!!
  4. Oh in addition- the rashes on my arms and hands are gone, but I have noticed drying of the inside of my nose. When I blow my nose the mucus sometimes has blood mixed in with it. Its not painful, but definitely something that is occuring. I also feel a bit stiffer in my joints. Again not painful, but something I have noticed.
  5. Sherbear

    the road to a clear future

    Hey girl, I cut all my nails off so I wouldn't pick. It's been working for me!
  6. Sherbear

    the road to a clear future

    Thats why I love this website. People who know and understand. When I tried to talk to my fiance/ parents about my social anxiety they just didn't get it. I hate that stupid voice in my head that talks about my skin and won't let me listen to the conversation I'm supposed to be having. Hopefully accutane will kill the zits and that effing voice too!
  7. Sherbear

    ~My Accutane Experience~

    Well add me into the similarities too girls!! I'm a teacher in my 20s as well and also started accutane around the same time as you ladies. I'm 120 lbs and I am on 80 mg. (40 twice a day) I thought it was a little high too, but my hope is the same thing- knock it out faster! Good luck to all of us!!!
  8. Sherbear

    Moisturizer making my IB worse?

    I use cetaphil moisturizing cream and love it. I apply it all over my face and do not avoid any breakouts. Hopefully whatever moisturizer you use is non comedogenic so it should not cause you to break out more. Having dry skin can actually break you out more so my advice would be to use that moisturizer girl! Good luck to you!
  9. March 5 (day 23)- March 13 (day 31)- Just dry lips that I keep under control with aquaphor and some small patches of dry skin which are kept under control with aquaphor moisturizing cream. On day 25 I got my first compliment on my skin! "Your face has this glow." I have no words to describe how elated I was to hear that! Day 30- I got my second compliment. My confidence level is soaring so now I'm terrified of getting my IB. Can I just skip that and stick with this improving trend??? I don't wa
  10. Things are going really well for me right now! Just dry lips and a little bit of dry skin but I think my skin is looking great and the accutane is really working! I'm nervous though because my skin is looking better but I haven't had an IB yet. I don't want my skin to do anything but continue to keep looking better and better. I don't want that to be taken away from me because my confidence level has truly risen!
  11. Feb 28 (day 18)- March 4 (day 22)- Developing small rashes on my arms and hands. They are small patches of little red bumps that usually go away after a day or two but then other small patches pop up in different spots. My past breakout of four "underground" pimples went away in a few days and I am currently just battling one new "underground" pimple. Lips are very dry and very hard not to pick at the flakes of skin coming off. They don't look too bad as long as I apply aquaphor frequently.
  12. Fe. 22 (day 12)- Feb. 26 (day 16)- 7 "underground" pimples popped up- 4 of which turned into whiteheads on Feb. 23. Not sure if its the start of the IB or just because it's that time of the month for me. Guess I'll have to wait and see. Lips are dry and flaky and require aquaphor application at least 10 times a day or more. I apply Cetaphil moisturizing cream in the morning and at night and it keeps my skin hydrated and relatively flake free throughout the day and night. Without it, I like I wou
  13. I should be more worried about my eating/ drinking habits. I need to get better about it because your right....I don't want my cholesterol level to rise or anything to the point where I won't be allowed to continue with my prescription. :confused:
  14. Nothing noticeable, but it was only one night. I'm sure it helps add to skin dryness and not great for one's liver. My derm said a drink here or there is okay but not to binge drink. Unfortunately, I had quite a few that night so I'm sure its not helpful in my accutane journey. I know I will have a few more nights like that, but I'm going to try to keep them few and far between.
  15. Feb. 17 (day 7)- through Feb. 21 (day 11)- Cetaphil moisturizer is taking care of my very slightly dry skin. Aquaphor is helping with my dry lips, which are starting to peel, not horribly yet, but it's getting worse everyday. I can't stop trying to pick the flakes off, but this is only going to make my lips worse. Gotta stop! Was very bad on Saturday (day 9) and went out for a drinking night with friends, in which I rode a mechanical bull....twice. The next morning I was the only one feeling hor