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  1. Hi friends! I started my first round of accutane around Jan 11, 2011. I was on it for 5 months and I had good results. Until now. Throughout my treatment I didn't have too bad of side effects. I had the typical very chapped lips and maybe some mood swings. Other than that my body handled it well. I got off Accutane around May 12 and up until now my skin was great. I had my usual hormonal breakouts but now my acne is coming back!!! I went to my derm and he even said I had alot of acne for someo
  2. Alohakalani

    Day 33

    Hey there! I will be getting my 3rd perscription of accutane on Tues. I have been on amnesteem for 2 months @ 40mgs a day. So far so good! I had many reservations and was really worried about all the media hype and side effects before I went on it. I must say two months into my treatment now three, my side effects have been minimal. Just really bad chapped lips! I went into the situation with a positive attitude and had tried not be too overly obsessive with the bad things said about accutane.
  3. Alohakalani

    Day 33

    Hey guys I'm back! I decided that I wasn't going to blog daily and become obsessive compulsive. I figured I would be less anxious if I didn't blog about my accutane everyday and track the progress daily. Also, I just got lazy..=) Have I noticed a change? Yes! It's very gradual and but I'm happy with the progress so far. My friends and co workers have noticed my skin has gotten better, but I'm still convinced its still has a loong way to go. My forehead has gotten better and my complexion and
  4. Alohakalani

    Week 3

    Hey not to frighten you but my IB came around the middle of the second week.....like 8 cyst like bumps came out of no where !! It was pretty bad for a good 4-5 days but it seems to have calmed down now. Remember everyone is different tho, some dont even get an IB so just hope for the best thats all u can do! Good luck!Hi Hopeful00Im still waiting for the IB! I want it either to happen so I can get it out of the way or not happen at all. My skin is broken out pretty badly as it is so I can't ima
  5. Hi! Im on at the end of week 3. I think I'm starting to notice a difference, but at times I feel like there hasn't been much change. Im anxiously waiting for more results. I have dry lips, flaky itch scalp and today Ive been having headaches. Im also feeling hungry often? How about you? Im getting more frustratd..I don't think Ive even gotten an IB yet..
  6. Alohakalani

    Day 12

    I hear you! I cant wait to not have to wear so much foundation, powder and foundation primer! keep your fingers crossed hopefully the accutane will work.
  7. Alohakalani

    Hi everyone!

    Hi! I started accutane on Jan 11th. I use Cetaphil cleanser and Purpose Lotion w SPF 15. Cetaphil Lotion w Spf 15 is good too!
  8. Alohakalani

    Day 13

    Side Effects: Dry Lips, itchy dry flaky scalp. Still no difference. My face seems dewy still and acne is still the same. Ughh. Will it even wprk for me? When is the IB going to to happen? Im getting all stressed out and don't want to have high hopes! I went out tonight and I had to put on a heavy foundation on to cover my skin. So annoyed.
  9. Alohakalani

    Week 3

    Hi I am almost on 2 weeks of accutane. I only have dry lips and I don't see much change yet. Do you think thats normal? I keep telling myself that I may be one of those people who don't get the Ib but, Im probaly telling myself that to make myslef feel better and not stress about it. You got your break out the 4th week you said? any thought?
  10. Alohakalani

    Day 12

    Hi everyone! Its day 12 and here are my reports. Dry lips is what is the main side effect Im feeling. My skin is still oily but has a weird tone to it. My scalp is dry and flaky and gets itchy at times. Other than that it seems like the side effects have been mellow. I have been able to work out as usual. I take my accutane with a glass of milk. I have been sleeping better. I guess I have been happier actually because I know taking this drug can help my skin. Im looking forward to have my skin
  11. Hi! I just started taking accutane on Jan 11th. I will follow up on your blog from time to time to compare progress. I am on 20mg 2xa day (40 mg total) just like you. So far Ive had the dry lips. Aquaphor is my best friend! The first couple days I had dull headaches and I was very sleepy throughout the day. I have slept really well though since I have been on accutane. I see a little improvement in my skin, the small little pimples are all ove rmy face still, but seems like they are slowly going
  12. Rattina Hi! My physicians assistant (i guess thats the same as a nurse assistant) is the one who prescribed me accutane. So far everythings working like how everyones been blogging! I saw 2 dermatologist prior and nothing worked! I also wanted another opinion and the PA was the one who encouraged me to try accutane. Im still waiting for the results, but if it makes you feel any better I think the nurse assistant is ok.
  13. Hey sumer27! Yes Im waiting to see if this IB is going to be gnarly for me! Ive read others blog and Im freaking out! So you have been on amnestem 20mg per day? How are things so far? Im on 20mgs 2x day and my dry lips are now VERY DRY! I can't live w out my aquaphor. I try to tell myself its mental and that I don't need it that bad, but who am I kidding? Anyway I'll keep track on your blog as well! It seems we mayhave similar stories and were near the same age. Good luck!
  14. Day 8 symptoms: DRY DRY LIPS! and Very thirsty all the time. My skin is starting to flake a little bit. It seems like my complexion looks more even but still has small hard little pimples all over my neck and back, down my spine and side of my face. My forehead look a teeny bit better excpet for a few med zits! I thinking how bad can the IB be really be? My face has been in the IB state for almost 2 years..so i really can't imagine it getting worse. Any thoughts?? I guess Im just in denial. Im
  15. Yeah it's so absurd! The latest dreams have been hilarious, kinda gutted I keep waking up. As for working out, honestly, i've noticed no change. I've been sweating more and that's about it, I think it's probably because i'm drinking ridiculous amounts of water, so if you're doing this too, I imagine we'll be fine Good luck and let me know how you get on with your workouts on accutane Jordon x
  16. Hey there! I just started accutane Jan 11th and when you were commenting about the crazy vivid dreams it totally made sense. The last 3 nights Ive had the strangest and vivid dreams! I remember them quite well too! The other night I dreamed I was on a hillside on a picnic and all i brought to eat were these beautiful peaches.. canned, fresh sliced, dried..you name it. So weird. Anyway not to get too off topic, your info totally helped. I'm pretty active myself and I was worried abt not being a
  17. Hey hey everyone! So it is my one week on being on amnesteen 20mg a day 2x a day! I have not had any major changes. Just the dry lips. It's hard for me to tell. The hard little zits all over my face, neck and back are still here. They do seem to look like they are drying out and it seems the comedo is having an easier time coming out. Mind you, my zits are the small hard ones. It looks like a blind person could read braille on my face right now. Im not feeling quite so tired anymore and I have a
  18. Hello! I started accutane on Jan 11th. I was prescribed 20mg 2x a day of amnesteem. It is actually now my 1st week of being on it! So far, I haven't seen many results as far as my acne is concerned. I do have the dry lips and my skin is starting to feel a bit dry and flaky. My headaches went away and my tiredness has subsided. I am 5'1 and weigh 105lbs.
  19. Hi I just started accutane on the 11th of Jan. I think the accutane is what is giving you the sound sleep. I feel like i have slept the best i have ever slept in a few years! It makes me tired through out the day and I too work 40hrs week M-f 9-6. I only wear mineral makeup as well but i make sure to wear lots of sunscreen. I live in california and yest i was at the beach all day.
  20. I didn't notice any thing different today. Just the dry lips. I was at the beach today and was wondering if its ok that I was in the sun from 1-5pm? I wore a hat and had suncreen on my face and drank lots of water and kept reapplying my lipbalm. My small zits are still all over my face and neck and chest. I think they are getting owrse! Eww when I wash my face I get so bummed and grossed out that I feel all these little bumps on my skin instead of smooth skin.Its times like that I get soo frus
  21. its so normal to worry abt taking med sthat have these side effects..so its ok..im right there w u

  22. dont worry your not the only one! try not to stress too hard.

  23. Day 5- Dry lips, skin feels dewy? headaches and tiredness. Zits are small all over my neck and chest. Zits are small all over my cheeks and sides of my face and on forhead.
  24. Hi everyone! So here I am on my 5th day of accutane. I know it is a bit soon to really see any major changes or side effects but, I guess it feels good to get stuff off my chest! I never thought that going on a medication would get me to be so critical and super conscious of my health, mind and body. I don;t know if it's all the media hype and warnings that gets me all anxious about being on accutane, but Im really trying to just go with the flow and be optimistic about being on this stuff. I