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  1. Explain to your derm your struggle, explain how you have spent several years trying to find your cure and nothing works. Explain to him that while you understand Accutane is typically for serious acne, tell him/her you also understand its for persistent acne too. I spent 5 years going to a derm, eventually got to point where I tried everything and it was controlling my life. My acne wasn't serious, but it was insanely persistent. I asked about accutane, explained my story, and got prescribed it.
  2. Hey guys, So kinda upset I have to make a new post on this forum section, only because that means my acne is back. Lets run through my history: Ive had acne since 14. It was moderate, nothing super super cystic and serious, but it was the post persistent mild acne know to man. I went to a dermatologist at 15 and was prescribed EVERYTHING for 4 years. Creams, antibiotic, gels, light therapy, everything. I tried countless lifestyles changes to see if something was causing my acne, and I
  3. So heres my problem. I've been on accutane for 3 months and about a month ago my doctor looked at my blood tests and saw I had an elevated creatine kinase level. My levels were 971 or so, he told me to take a break from working out to see if it was the medicine that was causing the problems or just me working out. 2 weeks went by and I took another blood test. My CK levels were 291, he wanted to see them lower before starting the medication. As of yesterday, and still having not worked out, my C
  4. So I was taken off accutane for about a month because of my blood results. First it was my high liver enzymes, because i was taking a work out supplement that had high Vit A count, then 2 weeks later it was because of my creatine Kinease levels, then another 2 weeks went by and my creatine kinease levels were even higher. After meeting with my primary physician, he said its probably due to my excessive working out that is causing all the ripping of my muscle fibers, not accutane. Would it b
  5. My OP indicates that I am NOT taking any supplements, nor was i taking a supplements as a carb intake. Please read before posting.
  6. Hey guys So heres the deal. I've been on accutane, or was on accutane, for 3 months. Starting at 40mg, 60mg, then 80mg. On my last visit for month 3, starting month 4, my liver enzymes were through there roof and I was told I had to wait for 2 weeks till they returned to normal. I concluded it was the high Vitamin A count in my protein supplement I was taking, so i stopped. 2 Weeks went by and my liver enzymes went back to normal, but my creatine kinase levels were high, around 280. I was tol
  7. Not the greatest idea, but you still could get away with it. I started my accutane course midway through my 2nd sememster freshman year and still drank on the weekend. It really depends, if you find your body can tolerate drinking and accutane then take your shot at it. Best deffinately not a great idea, give yourself at least 5,6, even 7 days of being sober before you blood test. Alcohol before bloodtest will cause your liver enzymes to be higher then normal, doctors don't like seeing that. Tak
  8. Hey everyone, Last Thursday I completed my 3rd month of accutane, 80mg. I first started out on 40 mg for month 1, 60 mg for month 2, and 80 mg for month 3. Things are okay at the moment, the serious IB is gone but im still breaking out with small tiny zits that are making me furious After having met with my doctor he told me that I would be taken off the medicated for two weeks, my liver enzymes were around 108 (I naturally have high liver enzymes, 41 for month 1, 38 for month 2). He s
  9. Yes I know, and no worries. My step brother had severe cystic acne over the course of his life and I saw him deal with it. My acne isn't as bad as most people on accutane, but after having talked to my doctor about my previous treatments and the lack of improvement, he suggested accutane. Lets be honest here, we would all kill to have perfect skin regardless. While acne can be mild to severe, in one way shape or form it affects people physically/mentally. While I only have mild acne, it still ha
  10. I started 40 mg 10 days ago, same brand. I know what you mean as far as the confidence with girls and Acne, its been so long since I've felt comfortable being able to approach a girl and not have to worry about them looking at spots on my face. All I can think about is how different my life will be once this drug works its magic. Best of luck to you man.
  11. Thank you all for the Support! Heres End of Week 1 Photos. Im on day 8 right now, just didn't get time yesterday to upload these photos. Only side effect so far has been dried lips and skin. Always using moisturizer and aquaphor for my lips, an easy trade off for a no more acne. Also, I did have a mood swing on day 5 I think? for 3 hours I was just really angry, for no particular reason just really pissed. Was kind of funny looking back, but haven't really experienced anything similar to
  12. Well...... This has been a long time coming. I've had mild, persistent, acne since I was about 14. Like everyone else who has resorted to Accutane, IVE TRIED IT ALL (list below of all treatments I've tried). I started seeing a dermatologist when I was 17, before then I wasn't too concerned about my acne. As I got older, acne started holding me back and being the uber self conscious person that I am, all i thought about was how bad my face looked. It took me 4 different doctors before I fin
  13. Hey everybody, So deal is after having spent 3 months on epiduo and see pretty good results, hope to see even better results in another 3 months, I still manage to have some dark spots from previous acne. I have never really tried any products to get rid of my acne scars except for Jajaobo oil with vitamin E so im not sure what to start with. Current Regiemene AM Neutrogena oil free acne wash Aloe Verra w/ jojoba oil Aczone spot treatment PM Neutrogena oil free acne wash Epidu
  14. Yeah, my mom went into the doctors office and just was bombarding the nurse, who was suppose to give me my 30 minute teaching on accutane, with questions about it. I really dont want it to affect my school work either, but I think I will be able to deal with it. Knowing that I'm on my path to clear skin would increase my confidence so tremendously, i think it would be like starting a new life. I hear that if you take vitamin e with accutane, some of the side effects are less likely to occur
  15. well thank you for all your input. I talked to my mom after going to doctor today, we both agreed that I will be in school for at least one month before I decide to start accutane. That way i can get use to school and get into my habits before starting accutane. The count down begins, only 41 days to go.