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  1. Um.. a few weeks ago I started breaking out on my butt cheeks. I was off of accutane for a few weeks while waiting for my appointment with the Dr and a new prescription. But I've had a few weeks off before and I've never broke out on my butt. It's breaking out like what you'd expect on your face. And the pimples seem to become more prominent when I sweat (from running, etc). Should I be worried? I forgot to mention this to my Dr because I thought it'd go away after I get back on accutane bu
  2. Is it a hypertrophic scar? if it is, how do you get rid of it? i've searched on this site but i think i've only seen solutions like peels and surgery.. is there any other way?
  3. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had this type of scar before? Its like a bump on the skin - its not a pimple, I think the pimple/puss dried up and became a scar tissue. I went to my aunt's friend (who's a facial cosmetic person - she has like 4-5+ certificate). She mention that the only way is if she burned the scar and scrap it off... But that sounds painful. Is there a way to remove it? Or make it even again?
  4. Hi, I'm just curious if this would work. I noticed that the red marks around my chin is gone while the ones on my cheeks are still there. I thought it was because of shaving that the red marks are gone. Has anyone tried this razor method? I tried last night by gently scrapping my cheeks and saw lots of black dead skin on the razor after...
  5. UPDATE: They do seem to be fading away right?? I keep thinking its because of the lighting that makes them hard to see on the picture... so I took two photos to be sure. But my goodness, since December T_T
  6. I'm currently on minocycline and clindamycin and my acne went away back in January/early February. I still get the occasional small ones but I'm not sure if I should tell me dermatologist since he said if I'm still getting them at this point, he might switch me to accutane. Personally I'm nervous about that considering its bad side effects.. Anyways, the majority of my face is covered in red marks. Its been there since early this year and I don't think its gotten better. The clindamycin solutio
  7. It makes the PIH last longer? So I should just stop using it? Well, my skin doesn't feel dry, so I'm not sure if its making it better or if its finally fading on its own... Should I go back to using the clindamycin solution? How much should I put on? Its the liquid solution not the cream.
  8. I'm currently taking minocycline and using clindamycin for my acne and its pretty much gone. Only thing left is the post inflammatory pigmentation... My dermatologist says it'll go away over time and that I should continue using the clindamycin. But its been several months and it doesn't seem to be helping. So the past few days I switched over to benzoyl peroxide that I had laying around (from doctor's presciption before going to derma) and it seems to make the redness disappear. Or could it b
  9. Yeah the nurse did. Still waiting for the test results! Does anyone know if schools allow people with staph to come in? Since I've heard its contagious
  10. Thanks for the replies! Went to my dermatologist and he said the acne is really out of control. Might be from a staph infection. So he's giving me antibiotics while we wait for the test results... My face is disgusting right now, full of bumps on both sides and its like crusty dry.
  11. hi I've read about cortisone shots for cystic acne but not sure what it looks like. Can anyone provide me with a picture? Is it basically like the hole that results from popping a pimple?