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  1. I can sympathize with you fully. I am 27 now and have had acne since I was like 13. It was never horrible, but the older I got the more and more it bothered me. My forehead was pretty similar to yours, probably a bit worse. And I also disagree with others who say you should be happy with your skin being "pretty clear." Were not in high school any more, and acne is fairly uncommon in men in their late 20's/early 30's and older. And its pretty dissapointing to be putting in a lot of effo
  2. Clindamycin is not a tetracycline antibiotic. Different class.
  3. I have the exact same thing too and I'm on accutane! I'd guess that its highly unlikely your "floaters" are caused by your accutane. It's probably been going on for quite a while, and you only noticed it since you started looking for something wrong with your eyes. I'm pretty sure mine has nothing to do with my accutane since my optometrist pointed it out to me a year ago. Prior to them mentioning it, I thought nothing of it.
  4. Time of day really doesn't matter much as accutane has a pretty long halflife(the amount it time it takes for your body to breakdown half the medication). If you are only taking it once a day, it is probably a good idea to try and be semi consistent with when you take it(always in the afternoon for example). Its also a fat soluble drug, so you it would be better to have it with a more sizable meal that contains some fat than with a small (healthy?) snack. In short, taking it every day with
  5. As others said, studies show that 80% of people will remain clear the first round though. And for the 20% where it didnt work the first time though, 80% of those that repeat will be clear after a second round. So you have an 80% chance of success with one treatment, and 96% success rate after a second round.
  6. Doxycycline and Minocycline are also the same class of antibiotics as tetracycline and there is a similar recommendation for not taking them while on accutane. They are all generically referred to as "tetracyclines."
  7. Bloodwork is pretty fast. Typically 24-48 hours. Depends if the place you had it drawn runs the bloodwork on site, or if it has to be sent out(and the timing of the next pickup). I've been on it for about a month now and havent had any sort of "initial breakup". I wouldn't worry about it too much. My skin in that time has gone from very oily to comfortably dry. Also did your derm refer to your acne as being hormonal? As I dont really think thats a male problem so much as a female prob
  8. Dehydration causes albumin to be high, and its a non issue. And dont worry, eating eggs wont cause your albumin to be high.
  9. I will through out my perspective... I have similar amounts of acne on my face currently, with some on the rest of my body also. I asked my GP about my acne when I was in high school and they said it wasn't that bad and I would probably grow out of it and to try some Benzoyl peroxide. And that just made me afraid to ask about it again because they seemed far less concerned about it than I was. I turn 27 next month and I've had moderate acne for almost 15 years now and my biggest reget was
  10. The big concern with long term use would be the side-effects. And you don't ever become "immune" to steroids, so thats a non issue. At lower doses, steroids have anti-inflammatory properties, and at higher doses they can become immunosuppressive. At higher doses when you start to see the immunosuppressive effects you have a greater risk of infections (including acne).
  11. Welding can cause skin damage like a sunburn does. What type of welding are you doing and what safety gear are you wearing? I'd bet being hot and sweating while welding and wearing a face mask would have more to do with your breaking out than the actual welding. But in general I bet it has more to do with your age than anything else.
  12. What type of razor are you using? And when was the last time you changed the cutting head/foils? I only ever had issues with plucking when the cutting heads were way over due for changing.
  13. I have acne on my neck line in the ares where I shave. My derm at first suggest I might try shaving less often if it was an option(its not) and then suggested I use an electric razor instead of a blade as its less irritating(which I already do).
  14. I had called around a few pharmacies locally to see what their cash price was for accutane, and for 30 tablets of 40mg Clavaris, $260-270 seemed to be about the best price I could find.
  15. It's moderate. Thanks for the replies - I have hte doxy already so I'll let it run its course, and hopefully it'll work. A week is negligible when it comes to oral antibiotics. 2 months is kind of the bare minimum before you can start being able to tell if its working. And it takes 4-6 months before you would reach maximum benefit and can really say its not working. My acne was moderate to severe(some cystic) and after 4 months of antibiotics and topicals my skin had improved a lo