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  1. i was wondering because it is an antibiotic and i wanna know how much longer i have with it
  2. this stuff is awesome. like the first week it will make your face really dry but then your face will get use to it. you might get a couple pimples at first but they deff go away. it was the only thing that cleared me up after trying for a long time
  3. do the bp washes acually leave the bp in the skin or does it just treat it for the time you lather then you wash it off. so when i wash it off is the bp still in the skin. like i am taking retin-a and it says not to aply bp at the same time but does a wash with bp acually leave enough bp on the skin to affect the retin a?
  4. does bp wash acually leave enough bp in the skin so that it neutrilizes the retin-a? i mean its just a wash that you wash off so can somebody tell me if its alright to wash with the bp before aplying the retin a thanks
  5. i'm a guy and my best friend is really hot and all the girls like him but he isn't cocky or anything but deep inside he knows that hes liked. i hate when the girls go talk to him and when the girls are talking to each other and he goes over there they accept him into the conversation but when i go they shun me away. i just hate it. i mean ive been told that im hot but i have acne which has come on very recently. and the worst thing is that my friend is clueless to when girls flirt with him. i ha
  6. i use a 10% bp wash at night before putting on retin-a. my qestuion is that does this wash do have a negative effect on the retin a? i mean it's just a wash. and also why do they say not to use washes that dry out my skin? does it effect the way that retin a works. because the retin a isn't burning my skin so i expect its ok. please reply
  7. you are really cute so you have nothing to worry about. i think you look so much better with that short haircut. i think your medicines will do great for you and i see improvment already! differin didn't work for me but benzaclin is working really well. just hang in there and keep us posted!
  8. i don't like putting mosterizers on bercause i feel like it just mixes up the medicine on my face and makes it less effective and also the dryness of the medicine is what seems to help the acne and the mosturizer just makes my face all greasy and gross. so can you tell me why a mosturizer is really important or is it not?
  9. duac gel is just like benzaclin it is not even similar to differen creme. duac gel is 1% antibiotic and 5% bp. i am using it and it works really well. it will be drying for the first week or so then it will get better. i forgot the name of the antibiotic but i hope that helps
  10. duac gel is jjust like benzaclin it is not even similar to differen greme. duac gel is 1% antibiotic and 5% bp. i am using it and it works really well. it will be drying for the first week or so then it will get better. i forgot the name of the antibiotic but i hope that helps
  11. i know that there is an initial breakout with retin-a but i am also taking benzaclin so will the benzaclin minimize the intial breakout because it has an antibiotic and bp in it? thanks o and when do i apply the mosturizer..in the morning or night and how long after the medication. thanks
  12. differin really really really really did not work for me. when i was on it i had like 3 pimples on each cheek but then i got like 15 pimples on each cheek and now i'm on benzaclin which is really working it made my life miserable and brought my confidence way way wya down. people complain that it burned their skin but for me i felt nothing is that wierd?
  13. hi i just started to have acne the start of this school year and i have been very frustated like many of you on this board. i tried differin gel when my acne was very mild and i feel like it mad emy acne much worse. i have just been prescribed benzaclin topical gel. it has 1% clindamycin and 5% bp. if you have used this please share your experiances and also if you know anything about this gel thanks you!
  14. 1. i was sitting in the bus just staring out the window listening to music all sad and depressed aobut my acne because the differin wasn't working. and then all of a sudden my brother looks at me (he was sitting in front of me with his friends) and hes like " that was mean" (to his firend) and then i'm like what? and my brother was like "nice just said that your face is full of acne and pimples" man did i feel really bad.
  15. im going to the docters and was wondering if i should take oral antibiotics and if so what are the bad things about them and what do they do and which is the best kind thanks. i am a male 15 years old