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  1. charlie.


    I've been on Accutane for seven weeks this Friday and have seen improvements in my skin. But I've been suffering with depression that seems to get worse each day - I don't want to see anyone, I think of nothing but my skin and I now take pleasure from punching walls and other things. I'm seeing my derm next week but worry she'll discontinue my treatment as a result of this. Should I mention it?
  2. charlie.

    Day Fourteen

    I haven't gotten round to posting the first two weeks of progress but I'll try post daily in here from now on. To start, I think I've avoided the 'initial breakout' that I, along with everyone else who takes Accutane, was dreading before my course started. The general consensus is that the breakout starts after four days and that was certainly not the case with me. I can't rule out the possibility of an 'IB' coming on at any point between now and the time I finish with the drug but for now,
  3. charlie.


    I'm Charlie, I'm fifteen years old and I have acne. I've suffered with acne for nearly three years. For two and a half of those years, I have coped with acne well and have not let it affect me. However, as I got older and my acne got worse, I 'snapped' and decided to really do something about my condition. Having gone through hundreds of trips to my GP and collected an endless stream of both topical and oral acne 'treatments' (everything from doxycycline to erythromycin to quinoderm to
  4. charlie.

    adult acne and quinoderm

    It was useless for me. I used it for six months but my spots never went. I moved onto Skinoren which was far more effective but still not what I want. My experience.
  5. charlie.

    Accutane Advice

    Thanks for the response. I appreciate that I have plenty of time to use Accutane in the future but I don't want the next four years pre-Uni to be spent worrying about acne you see. It's just gotten so persistent that I'm willing to try anything now.
  6. charlie.

    woohoo 1 month 3 weeks / 10mg daily

    Please do post up a picture, it might be what I need to finally persuade me.
  7. Hi. I've had acne for two and a half years, since I turned thirteen. I have kept it under control with Skinoren cream and erythromycin tablets as well as some other creams. However, my acne is slowly spreading from my jaw to my cheeks and to be honest, I don't want to put up with it - I've snapped mentally and can barely look at myself in the mirror. I have an appointment to see my Doctor on Monday, who will then send me to a Derm. Right now, Accutane sounds like the best thing in the world