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  1. Headed to Harvard College this weekend to visit some brothers from my chapter fraternity, and let me tell you: it got crazy. Usually these weekend end badly for me; I usually pass out and don't realize that I didn't wash my face and apply BP. This weekend, though, I didn't use BP at night at all for 3 nights and I din't break out. My skin looks the same, if not better, than before the weekend! The point is that I really do believe that the regimen works really deep into the skin and helps reg
  2. Yes! Being clear is the best thing ever, the confidence it gives you is priceless. And I am sure you were pretty even before you were clear !
  3. So here I am, more than 3 months after I began the regimen, and I can say that I am pretty much clear. I have a pimple here and there that pop up out of nowhere, but they disappear much more quickly and are less noticeable. I have only two major problems: DRY SKIN and HYPER-PIGMENTATION! I feel as if though using a manual exfoliator would help with these, but I could be wrong. I'm scared that if I use an exfoliator it will irritate my skin, and not irritating the skin is one of the main te
  4. So it's just under three months and I am glad to say that I am not having anymore breakouts and I have not one pimple on my face! ....that being said... not all is well. Although the regimen helped in that I don't breakout anymore, I just can't help but feel that the texture and consistency of my skin hasn't improved 100%. Don't get me wrong, I have maybe one acne scar on my forehead, but the texture of it due to the remaining PIH Red Marks are bringing my skin down. What could be causing
  5. LAfaceNY


    Maybe there is something to this regimen thing? I'm currently on week 8 or 9, and my PIH is pretty much gone save for a few spots, my right side is better, and my forehead has one pimple that is almost gone and lasted very little time! Still need some improvement, especially with PIH, but I think if I keep it up it'll be fine. Somehow I think I'm going to jinx it and a whole new batch will pop up. Let's hope not ;(
  6. Tired of waking up, looking in the mirror, and seeing spots. Will they ever go away? The Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation seems to be getting worse somehow...how does PIH get worse?! I thought it only got better. I mean, they aren't active pimples!!! How do I get rid of them? Now my right side of my face is just stagnant, and doesn't seem to be getting any better. My forehead? Ugh. One pimple on the side that won't go away. The worst part is the flaking, which has been getting unbear
  7. Had a breakout, don't know why. Maybe I've been too harsh and rushed when I put my bp/moisturizer on? All I know is that I got two huge whiteheads on my right side and one on my forehead, and they're making me feel self-conscious. WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY? They're pretty large, so it'll take a while for them to subside. Until then, the waiting game..
  8. how do I get rid of flaking even when using the AHA? I don't want to exfoliate manually because it really irritates the skin but these flakes are keeping my skin from having the smooth complexion I want. HELP!
  9. LAfaceNY


    So, out of the blue, my PIH marks decided to start fading. I have no acne on my right side, the one on my forehead is pretty much gone, and the PIH is very minimal. What has changed within the last week and a half? I stopped using AHA every day, and now I use it every other 2 days and just use a normal moisturizer. Flaking is a bit of a concern, but flakes>acne any day of the week! I love the surge of confidence that comes with a clear face. The sun no longer is an enemy, but something I can
  10. Don't you just hate it when you're putting on your BP, on top of the world because you only have one or two pimples left, and you feel some other sneaky little bastards popping up? Yup, that's what happened to me and now they emerged to become two huge ones on my previously clear right side of my face. So as of now I have three pimples, and normally I wouldn't be so upse about them but one is in the middle of my forehead and the other two erupted like Mt. Vesuvius. ;( I decided that using Lac
  11. Don't Worry! I am a few weeks ahead of you on the regimen and I went through the same second week breakout too! It's not until about a month that you really get clear, and that's when the fight against the red marks left behind begin. Just remember to be REALLY GENTLE and the rest will take care of itself. Cheers from NYC!
  12. LAfaceNY


    So it's been a few weeks since I got to New York, and at the start my acne was not that bad, but the PIH marks left behind were horrendous! I started using Dan's BP and that has really helped me stay clearer, and now I only get a few spots every once in a while. As of right now, I have two pimples and I am confident that by the end of the week I will have none--when used diligently, the regimen works wonders. That being said, my face is far from perfect. Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation is
  13. How do I put this into words? GET THE HELL OFF OF MY FACE, YOU BASTARDS! Woke up and overall my face was better; right side is clear as usual, forehead clear except for some Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, and the right side of my face still infested with those persistent marks. I don't know if it is just stubborn red PIH marks or pimples that used to be bigger but became smaller red pimples, but they are persistent! I think they are deep in the skin, and I have a feeling it'll take a few d
  14. LAfaceNY


    Surprisingly, my face has been improving. I've decided to just use the AHA+ at night, I have taken steps to be EXTRA gentle, and I am only using as much BP as Dan indicated on his BP page. If I keep this up, maybe maybe maybe my skin will be clear for New York. Three days to go, and only my left side is kinda bad and has active acne. My forehead has one that is healing, and the right side is clear. LET'S HOPE! P.S. Anyone realize how much of a rollercoaster of emotions Acne is?
  15. LAfaceNY


    Went out last night, had a great time, and when I got home I remembered to do the regimen (although I was a bit tipsy so I don't think I was that gentle). I think that perhaps the most serious difficulty for me in regards to the regimen is gentleness; I don't have (and won't be getting until Wednesday) Dan's BP. The On the Spot Neutrogena does the job, but it dries up way too quickly and balls up, making me have to press down on my face harder so it'll absorb. Also, I hate how much time it takes
  16. LAfaceNY


    I woke up today and as usual looked into the mirror as soon as I got out of bed. First reaction? Still horrible: the pimple on my forehead that somehow popped last night re-erupted, the left side of my face saw little improvement, and the right side was clear as usual. Did everything gently this morning, but on the advice of Dan I stopped using the AHA+ as a morning/night moisturizer, and this morning I went back to the Lac-Hydrin 5. I hope that too much AHA+ (Lac-Hydrin is a weaker Lactic Acid
  17. LAfaceNY


    It's the night of the 3rd day writing this blog, and when I woke up this morning my reaction was that my face was getting worse. For some reason I don't know if my reaction to the AHA+ has been all too amazing, and I definitely think I have been using WAY too much BP. Some of the pimples that I have came to a head and became whiteheads, and I just can't take this anymore. Additionally, one popped up on my jawline. Oh god. Hopefully this is all taken care of before New York; acne might have af
  18. So I leave back to New York for school in a week, and I am desperate to get clear. My AHA+ came in the mail yesterday, and I must say that I like it. The viscosity is a tad bit less than I thought it'd be, but overall it goes on smooth, stings minimally (possible from my use of Lac-Hydrin), and does not smell as bad as I was expecting. I woke up this morning and found little to no changes. I know it takes a while, but it is depressing to wake up and expect clarity and finding nothing. The rig
  19. Came back to LA from studying a semester in Spain, and I don't know whether it was the 2 days of not sleeping or the crazy layover I had in Amsterdam, but I broke out horrendously. I am still trying to recover from it, but the acne is so persistent; this is ridiculous. About a week ago I started the regimen, and here is what I use: Wash: Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser Medicate: Neutrogena On The Spot Treatment (2.5%) Moisturize: Lac-Hydrin 5 All are non-comedogenic, and have agreed with my
  20. LAfaceNY

    I have sensative skins and this completely cleared me usp! I have suffered from acne for over 46 years and thought nothing would help me, but Carley, you saved my life! Thank you so much for giving me my life back, TRY IT TODAY! None, Carleys can do no wrong since it cleared me up. Try it, you have nothing to lose. Just make sure you stay on it, even if you have to get another order. One day it'll just, poof, start working.
  21. LAfaceNY

    *Reduces the appearance of Acne Scars. * Moisturizes Skin *Reduces Breakouts *Apparently makes you more sensitive to the sun! I had a particularly bad breakout in December after visiting Paris and having to weather the horrible climate. On my flight from NYC to LA they took away my Olay lotion due to the 3 ounces rule, so I was left with no lotion and horrible skin. I proceded to buy LacHydrin 5, and WOW! Although the BP and LacHydrin produce a significant amount of flaking (due to the