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  1. I'm about halfway through the sample bottle for Regular-Oily skin and have definitely noticed things clearing up. I've also started Vitamin D3 too though. I have EXTREMELY oily skin, has anyone with oily skin using SkinClare noticed a decrease in oiliness, and if so, what regime do you use? I'm clearing up but no change in the oil department
  2. The first couple rounds of Accutane were ok but didn't last long. This last round lasted almost a year. Like I said before, I had pimples on my face, neck, chest and back. I got a few teeny pimples on my face but not one anywhere else! I do live at the beach and swim a couple times a week throughout the summer and I think the saltwater was a big help too (I started breaking out again in October). I've never had major side effects while on accutane but now I have pretty bad stomach issues, I
  3. I'm 33 and have suffered with mild/moderate acne for about 20 years now. The whole time it's been on my face, neck, chest, and back! I have tried every medication including Accutane four different times. I finished my last round of Accutane and my skin was absolutely awesome until I switched birth control to depo provera. Not sure if that had any effect or if it just happened around the same time. Unfortunately I'm in school and not working so have no health insurance. I found out that Spir
  4. I started Spiro about 2 months ago. My derm started me on 75mg but I think I'm going to see if he can bump it up. Things have calmed down but what's stayed has been pretty persistent. In my research I've learned that it can take up to 6 months to see effects. The only side effect I've noticed is excessive urination which makes sense since it's a diuretic. My mom was listening to a talk show with the doctors that created Proactiv and they said pretty much the best and only worthwhile treatme
  5. I've been on a gazillion birth control pills and none have had any good effect on my skin. I have other issues where it's best for me not to have a period so that's why I'm going to stay on depo and try to work on my skin. Right now it's like I'm picking the lesser of two evils. Spironolactone is actually a med for blood pressure but I believe it's also an androgen blocker, but don't quote me on that. I was put on it once before by an endocrinologist but then had to change doctors and the ne
  6. I started Depo in October and also started breaking out in October, a few days after receiving the shot actually. I had been 99% clear after finishing my 3rd round of Accutane the previous January. I also had EXTREMELY oily skin which was normal after the Accutane. I got the shot during the week and noticed two tiny pimples on my back that weekend and it's been downhill since then, increase in pimples and oily. I'm not really sure whether to blame the Depo or my extremely stubborn skin. It