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  1. Oh, my second question is, when your dose got upped, what differences did you notice in the following week or two? Also, any thoughts on my first question above?
  2. Day 18 I have 2 questions! 1. Did Accutane help you at all with pore size? My nose, especially, has large pores that are clogged and it would be nice to see that go! 2. Crap, I had a second question...uh, well my new second question is: Does Accutane cause short-term memory loss? Just kidding. This is going to bug me now, what was my question?!?!?!
  3. Day 15...I think? I'm not sure the actual day since I took a few off (see above) and then played some catchup...buttttt I just took pill numero 15! Which means I'm 10% of the way done...that wasn't so bad! No significant side-effect thus far, just dry lips and some flaky skin on my face. Today, my skin was especially flaky, but I think that may be my fault. Why is that my fault you ask? Well, last night I decided not to wash my face, which means I didn't use my Cetaphil creamy lotion stuff
  4. Well, I got my results back today and the doc said all is normal, just a fluke and to continue taking my medicine. That side effect I experienced was a one-time thing then I guess. Cool! So I'm back on the 'tane train! Really no side effects otherwise, slightly chapped lips...'tis all...for now
  5. Soooo, a little setback I noticed a possible side effect so I called my doc and he suggested that I try to get blood work done in the morning. He said it didn't concern up but to stop taking accutane until the results come back. I won't discuss the side effect in case it's unrelated. But I feel 110% fine besides some drying-related side effects on my face. Hopefully it turns out to be nothing and only puts me back a day or two. He said the medicine will still be in my body from the first
  6. Day 3 Thanks for the support onelittleone! So I just took pill numero tres! That mean's I'm 1/50 or 2% of the way done, not too shabby! When I woke up this morning I felt like my face had some mild sunburn. This persisted to some degree throughout the day and I noticed it was more present under certain lights. I had some sunburn about 9 days ago from spending a day on the beach without sunscreen (stupid, I know ) and although it went away, I wonder if the Accutane is bringing it back a li
  7. Thanks for the support I'm anxiously awaiting any sign that it's doing something (full well knowing it could be something less than pleasant) I had my family doctor suggest Accutane some 4-5 years ago and I never really thought much about it. But I really hope this is the solution! eeek!
  8. Good luck buddy! I'm only a day ahead of you
  9. Hey, I just read through your log, it's been inspirational to say the least that you've put up with so much! I just took my second pill so I know I have a rough road ahead of me, but I'll refer to your log when the going gets tough! I saw you mention the Hill Country, that's where I am now, until Saturday at least. It's a great place besides this freezing weather we've had lately :/
  10. Day 2 My Regimen Nothing of note to report yet, but I figured I'd include my regimen. I take my 40mg of Amnesteem at dinner with food. I have Aquaphor handy and tried it out before my lips got dry, and this stuff is impressive, it feels and looks like Vaseline and is kind of weird to use at first, but I can tell this stuff is heavy-duty. My derm also suggested that I wash my face with Cetaphil Daily Face Wash (I use it day and night). This stuff is super gentle, seems to remove all the gun
  11. So, I just took my first dose, and it's been about 5 minutes and MY ACNE IS STILL HERE!!! OMG WHY HASN'T IT GONE AWAY YET?!?!?!?!?! Haha, justttt kidding! But seriously guys, you ALL have permission to find me and slap if I start demanding results before I've given it time! Well, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step! And ladies, I thought the whole iPledge thing was annoying and my doc said it's worse for girls, so extra kudos to the ladies going through accutane treatment
  12. My derm said that 80% of people are "cured" of their acne after 1 treatment. Cured meaning, like he said, "no one is superman, you will still get the occasional zit." But I have heard all sorts of statistics, all of them way better than playing the lottery and all saying even if it does come back, it's not as bad! So really you will end up in a better spot with regard to your acne. But you have to do what you can to optimize the chances of accutane working well. Take care of your skin and l
  13. Congrats on your progress!!! I'm happy for you! Best of luck with the start of your spring semester!!! :D
  14. I had my cousin, around the same age, ask me last summer what was up with my face (with my whole family in the room). It was a horrible feeling. I remember my mom saying something like "don't worry, it will happen to you someday too" to my cousin. GAH! I start my treatment tomorrow, I think, wish me luck! I of course wish you luck too!
  15. Good luck! I'll be following your log closely! I just started my own too!