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  1. Clear face apart from one spot! No other side effects atm. I read some horror stories about Accutane and it's side effects. So far honestly the only side effects are that my acne is disappearing. I am still following my beauty regime strictly though. x
  2. I haven't blogged for a while. And i've just realised i've been on accutane for two weeks three days. I have been really worried about the IB, I think I have had an intial breakout but it hasn't happened in the way I feared. I got about 5 biggish spots on the left side of my neck. But hardly anything of massive significance on my face. What seems to be happening on my face is some whiteheads and blackheads are being forced out. What I was most scared of was getting big cysts on my face but to
  3. I'll just have to hope i'm one of those lucky few who doesn't get one then! Thanks for reply!
  4. So I've been on Accutane for 5 days now. I don't know if it is my strict moisturise everything routine, but I haven't had any dry lips, dry face. In fact the only side effect I have had is a headache once! I take my 50mg in the morning with three weetabix, skimmed milk and lots of sugar. I'm going to start taking fish oil supplements with my breakfast because I don't think there is enough fat in my breakfast to make my 50mg as effective. My skin however looks great. I came into this wit
  5. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone has experienced a correlation on starting Accutane relatively clear and avoiding the initial breakout?? All the best x
  6. Hey,I'm on my third day of Roaccutane. So i'll keep an eye on your blog to compare symptoms!Hope all goes well, so far all I have got is a headache but I can't say for sure that is due to Accutane!
  7. Took my first dose of Roaccutane this morning. I am on 50mg a day and weigh about 60kilograms. I'm really worried about the IB (initial breakout I presume this means) If you start Accutane with relatively clear skin does this usually mean I won't get as bad an IB. Is IB that common? Is the rate of blogging about it so high because people only tend to blog when things go wrong?? Does anyone have any nice stories about IB? Would really appreciate some advice. Best Wishes.
  8. StartingRoaccutaneUK


    Just a quick comment to say you blog is really useful.I'm just starting accutane and am a little worried, reassured by reading your blog though.I'm like you in the way I hate to say my skin looks better because I feel i'm jinxing it and end up touching wood lots. lol.All the best!
  9. I'm due to start Roaccutane tomorrow. I've already brought some Aquaphor and Cetaphil to try and combat any of the dryness before it starts. I found alot of advice from people taking accutane in the USA but couldn't find much advice for what products to use from people in the UK. Hopefully as I move along my course I can maybe recommend some good products found easily in the UK. I have had Acne since I was 12 I am now almost 20. I wasn't really bothered by it in my teens because I accepted it