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  1. a.p.


    What type of chemical peel did you get?
  2. Coconut oil clogs pores and apple cider vinegar is actually irritating to the skin. You should just use what you were using before.
  3. That same thing would happen to me every time I used SA. So I just avoid it now. Maybe twice a day is too much for you? Try just using it every other day. The whole purging thing confuses me still. A lot of times when I thought my skin was purging it was actually irritated by the products I was using. Not saying the products are bad but maybe they just need a little bit of adjusting to your skins needs.
  4. I used Epiduo for about a year and absolutely loved it. Like you said it does even out the skin tone nicely but it can be drying due to the benzoyl peroxide. Ive never heard of the Neutrogena retinol night cream. I ran out of my Epiduo around the beginning of this month and decided to try something new. I got a retinol booster from Paula's Choice. You can mix it with a lotion, cream or serum. I mix mine with a little bit of my face cream. I've only been using it for a couple weeks, but so
  5. a.p.



    My mom has been using this cold cream for years and has very sensitive skin. A lot of makeup and other cleansing products dry out her skin or give her really bad allergic reactions. I decided to give it a try about a year ago and I love it! I use it to take off my makeup, as a mask treatment for dry/broken out skin. I breakout very easily from products and this has never broken me out despite it containing mineral oil. It smells like roses which i quite like actually. Leaves my skin soft, toned
  6. I've used Epiduo before and never had any problems luckily. My skin did get a little dry from it sometimes so i would do a hydrating mask 3 times a week with regular ol jergens cold cream until the dryness went away. I would put a cherry sized dollop on my face and massage it in for about a minute, let set on face as long as I felt like and wipe off with a warm wash cloth. The cold cream never broke me out and still doesnt. Before i started Epiduo i just used cold cream and it really helped my s
  7. Its most likely stress. Does your tea contain a lot of caffeine?
  8. Before you go derma rolling or using chemical peels like TCA I would try prescription topical retinoids. Something like micro dermabrassion can help too. Make sure to use sunscreen as well. I bought myself an at home microdermabrasion device last winter and have noticed a difference in my rolling/boxcar scars. I also started using Epiduo around the same time.
  9. This forum has always been like this! That's why I left for a long time. One time this guy thought he had pimples on his penis and posted a picture of it on here!!!
  10. Shave with cold cream and use cold cream to cleanse your face. I use jergens cold cream but you could use Nivea or ponds. Just follow the directions on the back of the tub and as for shaving, just apply it like shave gel/foam and shave as usual. It's really simple and it works great for clogged pores. You can use the cold cream as a moisturizer too so no need to buy multiple products.
  11. Forget the ice use heat! Doing warm compresses works better. Should come to a head in a couple weeks or come to the surface enough to drain it. Let your lymphatic system do most of the work for you. Also keep it moist in between the warm compress. I use cold cream but you can use Neosporin or any other emollient
  12. Face wipes really don't do anything but wipe away surface debris. Even though your face is clear now, you want to keep it that way! Just cleaning the top and neglecting whats in your pores doesn't make sense. Use the original cetaphil cleanser without water, use your wipes to remove the cleanser or a warm wash cloth. I use cold cream myself. Keeps my pores clean and my face moisturized. I can't use face lotions either so if I feel like I need a little extra moisture I just rub in a small a
  13. You should try cleansing with jergens cold cream. It will replace your face wash and moisturizer. Just follow the directions on the back of the tub. It is my HG. To me it sounds like your skin is damaged and in need of repair. The cold cream will fix this.
  14. I have the same problem and it has improved a lot with the use of jergens all purpose face cream. It's a cold cream. I'd start with that before microdermabrasion. If you choose to try it just follow the directions on the back of the tub. That's all I do. It will feel kinda strange at first but you'll eventually love it like I do now. I no longer use face wash or any kind lotion on my face. The cold cream is all I need. I do wear SPF during the day though. Good luck!
  15. Its best to just take a nice hot bath in it for 20-30 mins a couple times a week. Or you can pour some epsom salt In a bowl and add some hot water, soak a clean wash cloth in it, ring it out and drape it over your face. Do that a few times. Then just apply your regular face products. You can also do the wash cloth thing in the tub. That's what I use to do and it works pretty good. Hope this helps