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  1. Great on the spot treatment

    Cheap £5 in uk (online, prescribed or bought in some boots stores effective long lasting (only use small amounts on spots) Will cause redness and irritation I only use panoxyl 10% on spots or badly affected areas after applying epiduo and an oil-free moisturizer over my entire face. Try not to use it on non-affected areas as it will cause redness and irritation even if you are a long time user of Bp (I have been using BP consistently for 4 years and it will still make my face red if applied too
  2. Worked amazingly for 1 year but acne returned

    Very gentle compared to other BP products Free on NHS Works well on moderate-mild acne takes ages to apply (I used two layers) Started breaking out again after a year runs out fast After using Panoxyl 5% and getting a huge swollen red face I needed something more gentle-my dermotologist prescribed me brevoxyl for free on NHS. Despite brevoxyl being 4% I could apply two coatings of it and still not have any redness(used in conjunction with an oil-free moisturizer). As a result I cleared up almost
  3. Best treatment I have ever used

    Free on NHS Effective have to use large dosage for best effects Prior to using epiduo I was on brevoxyl (benzyl peroxide 4%), brevoxyl was great but then it suddenly stopped being effective. I was prescribed epiduo and my skin cleared up after a 1-2 months and was in excellent condition. However more recently I started to break out again probably because I had decreased the dosage I used, I increased the dosage again for the past 2 weeks and am starting to clear up again S
  4. Gydex95

    Benzyl peroxide 5%, panoxyl

    This is the process that i went through, As you can see there still is some hyper pigmentation left and ice pick scars.