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  1. Hello, I have been on essential woman for 3 weeks now taking 6 pills each day. I have not noticed a decrease in shedding yet, but my scalp has been less irritated for sure. I am going to give it at least 2 months before making a final verdict and will keep you guys posted. I am also applying Sayar Retain to my scalp once at night: https://sayarcare.com/
  2. Hey guys, long time since I've made a comment here, sorry. Not much improvement in my hair loss. Still thinning out all over my scalp and no cure found for me. I just started using a dermaroller and added in hair regenerix supplements. I also started TruePure biotin serum which has helped with inflammation but not the shedding. The TruePure is very expensive and I don't think I can keep up with it in the long run. I actually posted about the Essential Woman a while back. Another woman cured h
  3. Here is an interesting update! This user Beemm started a thread recently and found a study in which mice took Pantothenic Acid (B5) for a nervous system disorder. The mice developed alopecia but when Inositol was added, the hair loss stopped. Here is the study. http://www.cabdirect.org/abstracts/19411401109.html;jsessionid=58A0801394A79AEC459980189307C294 The Thread: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/360097-b5-hair-loss-cured/
  4. Mr Bushido, which thyroid supplements did you take to slow down your hairloss? I'm 27 btw. I would consider a hair transplant but I would want to stop the shedding before I do.
  5. I stopped because it might have been slowing down the shedding and possibly gave me regrowth, but it never amounted to anything substantial. I also remember I ran out, it was expensive, and I was concerned about the side effects. I started up again a month ago and had terrible brain fog and headaches so I stopped again this time too. I could barely stay functional during the day. No sexual side effects though except minor groin pain which I had the first time around as well. Still searching
  6. Not to discourage anyone but nothing positive to report for me. My hair has been going through an extreme shed and I been on the supplements you suggested Elme. I also started taking black currant oil as this has been shown to regrow hair for individuals. It's been very stressful seeing my hair thin so much recently and this might be contributing to the extreme shedding. I just ordered Dutasteride again and going to give it another shot. I didn't have side effects the first time and I
  7. Here is what she wrote in another review of Optimox Iodoral High Potency Iodine Potassium Iodide Thyroid Support Supplement . She lists the supplements she is currently using that stopped her hairloss. I have always had irregular pap results on and off, never having to do more than get a colposcopy but still, the constant back and forth is a constant stress. Late last year I made the mistake of megadosing on vitamin b5 (I have reviews in for now foods product)--this REEKED havoc on my hormones.
  8. I found a review of Vitamin B5 on Amazon. This woman experienced extreme hairloss/shedding and was able to stop it. I am going to see if she can give us the list of supplements she used but she says she used Barlean's Organic Oils Essential Woman which contains Evening Primrose Oil and noticed a decrease in shedding after that. Here is here testimonial: I was really excited to start this supplement, as I am very much into a more natural approach to combating my acne. I have have acne since abou
  9. Hey Elmechanico, I have been on your supplements for 3 weeks excluding GABA, Chelated Calcium, L-Glutamine, himalaya salt, and copper. I just ordered these earlier today though and picked up himalaya salt on my way home from work. I also just started to cut alcohol and coffee out of my diet. My shedding has not stopped yet though. I am considering ordering a saliva cortisol kit to test my cortisol levels. Also working towards an anti-inflammatory diet. He
  10. Your hair looks great elmechanico. Congrats on getting it back. While shedding, were you thinning on top or the sides at all? Or just the temples and hairline?
  11. Any update on your write-up elmechanico ? Thanks man.
  12. Correct. Was on Fin for 2 years and Dut for a year and half.
  13. Yes, for me Fin/Dut did not work at any noticeable level.
  14. Yes I was on Fin and Dut. Neither worked or nothing that I noticed. No real sides though. RU seemed to be the only thing to grow my hair, didn't stop the shedding, but the sides were incredibly unbearable with only the smallest amount used.