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  1. Day 14 and progress! I only have one active and a few semi-but-mostly-healing spots left. My face, and nose in particular, has been peeling. The Aquaphor works really well for that, though. I hope I don't have any more breakouts. Maybe I will be lucky?
  2. I hope we will be gorgeous by summer! My birthday is in June, so that's sort of my mental finishing line for this. I want to up my dosage too! I am at 30 right now but I would like to be at 40 or 50. I guess the dermas know what they are doing though, right? ...I hope? Haha!
  3. Day 9 and still feeling bummed. I have a really painful spot in the corner of my nose that is inflamed and swollen feeling, and three cysts on my chin that are leaving very red and slightly peely looking marks. I've been experiencing an increase in whiteheads on my forehead, and increased dryness on my face and lips. I am still shiny, but I am seeing some areas of my skin--mostly my nose and a little bit of my forehead--getting mildly peely like after a sunburn. My lips are definitely getting dr
  4. Day 6 and feeling bummed. A bunch of new monsters, several of which I can feel all day long throbbing away. I take ibuprofen but I can still feel them. A few old ones have gotten all swollen too and I feel so desperate for them to go away. I wish I felt totally confident that they were going to disappear but I get so scared that they will stay on my face for months and months and that is when I get tempted to pick at my face. Help!
  5. You are so pretty, even with acne! I hope I look as good as you do in a few months!!
  6. We can do this!! Keep your (fore)head high, because before you know it, your acne will be gonegonegone. Keep us posted!
  7. Wow, thank you for all of your support! It is a remarkable thing to find a community that both sympathizes and empathizes with this whole situation! I sincerely feel better knowing y'all are here. Maybe later if I am feeling really brave I'll post some photos--maybe before Accutane and now, during the process? So today is Day 5, and I think possibly I am beginning the IB. I have an assortment of new and charming friends scattered on my chin, around my nose--even one right where the corner of my
  8. Go Packers! Haha. We started a little under a week apart, Geoff--good luck to you! I hope you avoid the dreaded IB!
  9. You sound like exactly the kind of person I want to be friends with, BorntoRun, haha! I love how upbeat about this you are. Sooo lucky about the IB, too! I'm glad to hear that a)you can still run and b)you can still have, uh, fun. I recently bought a stationary bike (too cold up north for outdoor running--I know, I am such a baby), and I really want to be able to use it without feeling a lot of pain. And as far as the sex goes, my husband will totally be relieved about the whole wet thing. Th
  10. KimiaK, it sounds like you are very brave. I have similar stats as you (I am 25, 5'3, and 105lbs) and my sister went on Accutane and has gorgeous skin now, too! I have to work really hard at not being jealous and feeling ugly next to her. It is hard having a sister sometimes! I hope things keep getting better for you. It sounds like you're doing great!
  11. Hey all! I am very excited and really nervous to be starting Accutane. I finally bit the bullet, went to the dermatologist, and got everything in order--and let me tell you, it was a hassle from the start! Not only did I have problems with getting my insurance all set (I just got insurance for the first time in 4 years, yaaaay), but the actual blood work was super awful. I lucked out at first and only had to take a urine pregnancy test for the first test, but for the second test where they requi