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  1. Just remember the sunscreen, the moisturizer, the lip balm and NO picking. You'll be clear as glass in no time Good luck!
  2. susanliu

    Bah! Humbug!

    Any day. I wouldn't have said it if I didn't believe it. That is where you are wrong. There are many a beautiful male model who I could classify as rugged, and I'm pretty sure they are as skinny as they come - there's different types of ruggedness. That ol' quote something along the lines of - the imperfections are what make something perfection. Complete flawlessness always looks boring anyway. Paul. What a girl loves is when a guy gives off this personal feel of confidence and when th
  3. Thanks Paul - that's basically what my Doc told me, though, you can never stop hoping, right? I'll see what the nurse has to say tomorrow though. :S Bite the bullet if you need to, it's worth it, and as you reminded me, my skin IS sooo much better than before and I am so thankful to the person that actually recommended it to me. Some scarring is preferable to my old face, so I'm content. But when my mother brings it up... I swear I am going to kill that woman ahhh. Well said. So true. Merry Chr
  4. I don't think it will make much of a difference in regards to amount of side effects experienced according to when you take them. Accutane is supposed to still be in your system over a month after you finish anyway - it's why you don't get oily again immediately. I always took it at night - just because that was my biggest meal, easier to remember etc. Plus, if it makes you sleepy, well my friend, all the better right? Your body might be adjusting still, I know when I first upped my dose,
  5. susanliu

    Bah! Humbug!

    Paul you stunner - your skin is perfect! THERE IS NOTHING THERE!!!! Also, look at those cheekbones. I am so jealous right now > Plus, you need to know that most girls (at least, this one) think guys with a few spots here and there are wayy more rugged, don't know why, but I think it makes them manlier looking. And no-one, NO-one is going to notice them with those eyes and that bone structure. Trust.
  6. Paul - I feel for you, really, I had it for 8 years and I thought THAT was bad enough. I think that if you stick with it - don't mention accutane exactly, but emphasis the fact you're tired of going on and off the antibiotics, that they just keep coming back even now, and that you were wondering if there was anything that would really get rid of them for good - it might work. Also, if you are starting to get scarring (permanent type) I would really push that at them. The policy for referral
  7. Thanks Paul )) Looks like all the red marks are gone as well. No scarring. Bravo! Love the Zhou Jie Lun music. Haha, glad you picked up on it. The timing of the music surprisingly matched the video perfectly. That's so sweet of you to think that, but really, I had like zero self-esteem and I'm only just getting used to not worry about my face. Like, I had a mini-cluster on my forehead of those little tiny skin-coloured bumps the day before yesterday and I can't tell you how much I was freakin
  8. Final progress timeline - short summary in pictures. Thought I'd post it here too, in case anyone wondered. I'll post some current pics later on too.
  9. Haha, small world, right? It's almost like a given - when I had acne I just wanted to find out every potential cure I could for it, so of course, that included this site That's a lovely thing to say, though, thank you - I wish you the best with your scarring too, let me know if you find anything that works!
  10. Interesting stuff, because in traditional Chinese medicine, "stopping of masturbation/sexual activity" is actually one of the treatments for acne - especially that found around the jaw/chin/mouth area (lower part of the face). Makes you think whenever you see someone with lots of acne there, doesn't it...
  11. Ahhh so sorry about not updating... I'm just terrible with this kind of stuff. Eva - Scotland was awesome, just as I remembered it, but I got so many midge bites it looked like acne on my arms and.. it scarred for ages. The last ones have only just faded!Nukelle - Nukelle - thank you for that, it's very sweet of you, definitely made my day ------------------------ ANYWAY, UPDATE (if you're still interested) here: ------------------------ Also, my course has now
  12. Quick Update DAY 30!!! Ok, real quick update here - I'm packing, off to Scotland for a week climbing mountains and such.. I'll see how my muscles hold up, hopefully I don't get bad aches, I really don't like taking painkillers. My dosage got upped yesterday! YAy! (celebration dance), blood, pregnancy - all fine (relief). Now on 70mg, which is my full dose, since the doc said 35 hardly touched me. I think my eyes have gotten drier atm, they've definitely been drier in general, but noticeably
  13. chensg, Again! thank you I'm glad people are seeing some difference, I just feel like it's not drastic enough, you know? (can't go away fast enough for me). Haha, maybe, but I have so many ice-picks/indents on my face, urgh, I wish I could do something about them.. Yess, def an Asian thing, they need to piss the hell off! Yea, my scalp is really dying, I'm gonna see if I can get something else tomorrow - thing is, I don't want to over-medicate it, since the scalp skin absorbs chemicals etc r
  14. oh my SHIT that is a massive improvement - active suckers are all drying up!!! So glad for you! Just a thought, but wouldn't the lemon juice cause irritation/dryness? IDK, honey masks and this natural honey toner worked really well for me - my red marks used to be awful, now they're borderline acceptable :S Also, slap the suncream on, it really does help in the long term! Anyways, I'll be watching this thread... ;P