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  1. Like I said, the itchiness began before I even started taking the Zoloft, so I'm pretty sure that it's not the cause. I was on Wellbutrin for four days before I started taking Zoloft and I believe that the Wellbutrin caused an acne rash, and that's not what this is. The reason I started taking Zoloft around the same time that I went back on the pill was because I had only taken a month off. Saying what I should have done in hindsight isn't really the kind of constructive advice I was looking
  2. So I've been back on the pill for about a week and a half, and I'm breaking out in places that I usually don't. I'm inclined to think that it's because of the pill, even though I never broke out like this while I was on it before - it's not horrible, but it's worse than it was before I stopped taking the pill in September. The only thing is that the breakouts and bumps tend to be kind of itchy, which has never happened before. I also started taking Zoloft a week ago, but I think this breakout
  3. There are certain areas of my face that are more sensitive to undiluted tea tree oil than others - the skin on my forehead and nose isn't as sensitive as the skin on my cheeks and chin - so it's important for me to dilute it well enough that it doesn't dry me out too harshly. Thanks for all the advice so far! I've still been doing the alternating q-tip thing, so I guess I just need to find out a ratio that works best for me.
  4. I recently bought some tea tree oil, and read that it needs to be diluted when applied to the face - I started out using it undiluted on a small patch of skin to test it (thank god) and found out why - so I bought some aloe vera (oil, not gel) from Whole Foods to act as a carrier. I haven't really found an effective way to mix them together, and thus far have been applying them simultaneously as a spot treatment using a q-tip (one side with tea tree oil, one side with aloe, and alternate), but
  5. bump. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow and I'm wondering what kind of tests I should have done and what kinds of specialists (other than a dermo) I should get referrals for. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for all the replies. My main question is if it takes a long time to see improvements when you go off the pill. For example, if it takes a few months for most women to see a breakout from stopping the pill, does it also take a few months to start seeing positive results from stopping the pill? Thanks!
  7. You would be surprised how low progesterone can lead to emotional problems as well as acne. I cleared on spironolactone but have started adding in natural USP grade progesterone cream. In just a few days I sleep better, feel better, am more friendly, not as stressed, and my muscle cramps have gone away. Diets are great for good health, but in my opinion we don't know enough about food to know how to fix something serious like low progesterone with food alone. Please read the link in my thread to
  8. I think it might be a good idea to see a nutritionist before I decide on any single diet-for-acne plan. There is just so much (conflicting) information on the internet that I wouldn't even know where to start, and if I could get some food intolerance/allergy tests done, that would eliminate a lot of possibilities. I also want to keep in mind that I need to take care of my mental health issues at the same time, so anything that might interfere with any meds I'll take might not be worth it. I h
  9. Question's in the title... I'm planning on starting the candida diet and I'm wondering where you can buy bentonite clay to use in the detox drinks. Can you buy it at Whole Foods, or are they only found at specific specialty stores? Thanks!
  10. Accuatne isn't necessarily always prescribed based on the severity of your skin. If your skin has a serious effect on your mental and emotional health, Accutane might be something to discuss with your dermatologist. Let them know how it effects you (that is, if it does have a real detrimental impact on you emotionally/mentally). Acne isn't just a physical condition, it's also a psychological one, or at least it can become psychological the longer you have it and the more it interferes with yo
  11. Thanks for your response, alexisc, it's nice to know that people in a similar position to myself have found the root cause of their acne and corrected it, since the older I get the less convinced I am that I'll ever figure it out. When you eliminated corn and wheat, how long did it take for your skin to respond? Was there an immediate improvement in the quality of your skin, or did it take a couple months for you to notice a difference? I mainly break out on my cheeks, but sometimes I get sma
  12. So I just had an appointment with my derm last Friday and had yet another topical prescribed. I'm currently using Retin-A Micro, but since my skin is getting worse and worse (although I've been using the RAM since January and my skin was totally clear until a couple months ago), I'm thinking of quitting. I also take Lo Estrin Fe 1/20, which I'm not sure has any effect on my skin (I've been on it for a few years, and I've been clear off and on during that time). I'm tired of going to the derm
  13. So I've been off the Wellbutrin for a couple of days, and the weird breakout on my left cheeks is going away, but I'm still breaking out, and it seems like it's getting worse. My psychiatrist wanted to give me a prescription for Effexor, but I haven't really heard good things about it, so I need to talk to him about other alternatives. I really think I need something that manages anxiety as well as depression, because although I think depression might be an issue for me (even when I'm not brea
  14. I actually did try spiro earlier last year and really didn't like it. I don't remember how long I was on it for (a few months I think), but I didn't like the side effects. I wouldn't be averse to trying it again, but from what I remember it didn't really do it for me. I also really don't think that my acne is hormonal.
  15. Hi. I'm 24, female, and I've been dealing with acne on and off for 11 years. I've been to different dermatologists, tried many medications, used lots of over-the-counter products, and haven't found an answer. In the beginning, I started off with antibiotics (minocycline, doxycycline) and topicals (Retin-A, Tazorac), and when none of that worked, I did my first round of Accuatne when I was in high school. Around that time I also tried a bunch of different birth control brands (Yaz, Ortho Tri