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  1. Hi i was on accutane for 6 months. My acne and all the blemishes were completly cleared up. Its been 2 months since i've been off it. I woke up this morning with the first 2 small zits i have had in 2 months. Is this something to worry about? does this mean my acne is coming back?
  2. I was on tane for 6 months n i had moderate to severe acne. Ive been off it for a month and a half now and i am completly clear, u cant even tell i had acne.
  3. While i was on accutane i expierienced a red blushing on my face all the time and when i was in the sun i would get burt so easily. I have been off it for a little over a month now and my face has a sunburn look, not a rosy red blushing anymore .. Why is this?, i havnt been in the sun for more than a couple minuites at a time. how long does this take to go away?
  4. I was put on accutane for 6 months and for the last month and a half i havnt had any new stuff on my face. I have been off it for about 2 weeks and i am getting these weird very very small zits. About 6 of them. Does this mean my acnes coming back slowly? can someone explain this to me please?
  5. Hi, i cant even explain how accutane has helped me. My face is almost totally clear except for a few minor marks, but thats it. My face used to look soo bad. I am almost done with my 6'th month and I am so nervous about going off of it. Im afraid that I am going to lose all of my new clear skin and start breaking out again. Can any1 whose off accutane tell me how your skin is doing now? Also, how long does it take for the red flushing in your face take to go away, once off of accutane.
  6. I have been on accutane for just about 4 months now and my face has cleared up a good amount xcept for my chin. my chin is still breaking out, this worries me bcuz the rest of my face has stopped but my chin always has active acne on it, has ne1 else have most of there face clear up xcept for a certain spot? did it clear up by the end of your accutane course?
  7. I am on my fourth month of accutane.My face use to get pretty dry, but i was able to control it by moisturizing 2-3 times a day. Just recently my face looked like allagator skin and i didnt want to pick at it cuz when a piece of skin came off it was really red beneath it. One night I took a shower and basically a whole layer of allll that dry skin came off. It's good that that happened because now i have a fresh smooth face but it is sooooo reddd. Its been 2 days and it is still pretty red(not a
  8. I have been on accutane for 3 months now, i would say about 85 percent of my acne has cleared up. I still have 3 months left and this redness in my face looks terrible. I have really white skin so my red face sticks out. I have never had this glowing red face b4 i was on accutane. If it wasnt for this extreme redness, i think my face would actually look good. Does anyone know what causes this redness and how long it takes to go away???????????
  9. For the first 3 months the accutane didnt do anything but make my face red and extremly dry. For the past 2 weeks my skin has been clearing rapidly. My face is really clearing well, finally. Do you think im finally out of the woods? or is there still a chance of getting bad breakouts? Thank You
  10. I have been on accutane for about 9 weeks now, it seems to be doing pretty well. Some days better than otheres. The only thing i hate is that my face is SOO RED. It looks terrible. There is a huge skin color difference wen u look at my neck compared to my face. Can any one tell me when this goes away?
  11. I have been on accutane for a little over 3 weeks now. My skin seems to be doing fairly well, but my face is really red. It looks like I got a sunburn and it's only on my face. It looks terrible, becasue i have really pale skin tone, so when you look at my face compared to my neck, theres a huggge difference in color. Does anyone know how long this redness i nthe face lasts for??????????
  12. well i spoke to soon. Im started to break out pretty bad in the past week, it sucks so badly.
  13. Im on accutane now and had a really red face but i have been usingsum type of soap lotion and the redness has gone away 75% as soo nas i started using it. The name of it is cetaphil. Its great because its a soap and a moisturizer, i just apply it before going to bed each night.