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  1. congrats man. i have redness from using bp and its been there for 1 1/2 years. I went to my derma and got hydrocortisone 2.5%, which ive been using twice a day for 12 days. My redness looks exactly the same. Think i'll stop using now since it doesnt seem to be working, and was recommended to use it for only two weeks consecutively anyways.
  2. hey all today i'm going back to washing my face twice a day to apply my hydrocortisone (i have to use it two times a day, and wash beforehand). im used to showering in the afternoon, around 6pm, and only that. I know most people wash every morning and every night, but honestly, my acne has been the same. anways, i was thinking of washing in the morning when i wake up, and then at the usual 6pm time. what do you guys think? should i wash my face in the traditional morning and right bef
  3. Hello all, i just recently was perscribed some hydrocortisone to help heal the redness on my face. I currently only wash my face once, when i shower, which is usually in the mid afternoon anywhere from 3-6. Anyways, i am told to apply the cream to my face twice a day. Do i have to wash my face before applying the cream? Can i simply apply the cream when i wake up and when i go to sleep, or when i wake up and when i shower ( i can shower later to increase time b/w doses). Can you apply the two do
  4. Hello all. I've had SD on my face for about 9 months now.. and something i've been noticing is that when i go to sleep, the SD flakes are bigger and more pronounced on my face when i wake up. Any idea why this might occur? Could it just be from rubbing my face on my pillow when i sleep, which somehow causes these flakes to be bigger? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks for the info
  5. Hey all.. i've been taking Vitamin B COmplex 50 once a day for at least 6 months now, and about 3-4 months ago ive started to notice that my hair has been growing faster, especially in the eyebrow area, and its quite annoying. However, i want to continue using Vitamin B complex because of the benefits it has for acne and for increased energy throughout the day. Has anyone had a similar reaction, and has found a way to negate the increased hair growth effects, especially in the eyebrow region
  6. in my opinion, your lucky your only 13. you are starting to figure out how to get rid of ur acne, some people, including me, don't know how, and im 18. i understand how your feeling, but at least its only acne. i know that might sound insensitive, but some people, like me, have other conditions to deal with on top of acne. if you figured out how to get clear once, you can do it again good luck
  7. interesting haha i already had a vent here a couple days ago and it did help a bit to know im not alone.. but what i am really struggling with is the fact that i recently obtained sebborheic dermatitis, and not cure for it is known.. its a pain to deal with on a daily basis, and it really hurts my confidence, especially when im up close to a person. im afraid i will feel like this for a good amount of my life if there is no cure.. i just don't understand what to do..
  8. man i feel bad for what a lot of you have had to experience for strangers or even family. i havn't really had it too bad.. only once when i first got oily skin this summer my nose was the most oily part; i went to my grandmothers house with my cousins (who are basically the same age as me, so mature) and they started talking about how one girl in their grade was weird looking because her nose was shiny and oily, and that it basically made her unattractive. although i didnt say anything it di
  9. thanks for the story chris, its re-assuring that im not the only one experiencing this, and to add to it, that you've had a girlfriend so faithful to you despite your skin conditions and thanks buritto for the in-depth girls point of view on the whole situation
  10. hey all, im sure you guys here these vents all th etime and sorry for that, but i just need to talk about it with someone, instead of keeping it all bottled in just today i revisted this site and have read through a lot of the posts in this section, mostly about acne.. but what i have realized is that acne really isnt that bad, because it really is a common occurence for many what i have realized, and what troubles me, are skin afflictions that are not acne, such as oily skin, red skin,
  11. actually there was someone on here who said his face had been reddened by benzoyl peroxide for about 9 months.. he then tried the eucerin redness relief cleanser and moisturizer for about 1-2 months and he said the redness was almost nonexistent, or it went away.. i forget. anyways, i wanted to try it out, but i noticed the cleanser has SLS, and the night cream has DMDM Hydantion, both which are irritants and supposively are bad for those who are acne-prone. however, i might try it out and see i
  12. well im glad that im not the only one whose had similar symptoms from the regimen.. but unfortunately that doesn't help our position i do take some vitamins but this redness is clearly from the bnezoyl peroxide, and the oilyness has to be from the regimen, or at least it really exuberated it so that its definetly noticable by, as you all say, dinner time. my nose however is oily like 2-3 hours after washing my face but anyways, im more conserned with the redness. it feels even though hon
  13. hey all.. back in november 2010 i started dan's regimen, which i used till march 2011, but finally stopped because the redness was not going away. after i discontinued use, the redness went down a bit, but till this day my cheeks where i used benzoyl peroxide are still red.. i have been using oatmeal and honey everyday for the past month but it hasnt really shown any positive effects of bringing down the redness. my face also got oily from benzoyl peroxide if that has anything to do with it. it
  14. hey all. i havnt been on acne.org in months but i thought i'd stop by and see if i could get a diagnosis on my skin before i try to get to a dermatologist. basically back in june, i was tired of having pretty oily skin. at this time i still had a red face from benzoyl peroxide, even though i stopped using it 3 months prior. anyways, for the next 3 months all i did was wash with water once a day (about midday), and after a while, the oilyness on my cheeks was basically gone; instead, it was repla