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  1. Sorry to hear about the cysts. I also had 5 Fraxel treatments and did have one cyst pop out of no where the third day after my 4th Treatment I actualy whent back to the doctor and had her Drain the cyst. it was half the size of a golf ball! thank god we got it early and it left only a slight mark which I dont even notice unless I try to look for it. As far as my skin I have had far fewer break outs this past year then I have had in years my skin feels smooth and pimple free. I do take monoxa
  2. WOW these sound like very aggresive levels and I feel the stronger the better. I am one of the Pioneers in the US having had fraxel done 2 years ago. My settings were very modest compared to Todays aggresive settings Also the pain management left much to be desired. I was jumping out of my Chair with 12 Mjs and full density settings. If you tried the settings you guys are doing today you would faint dead away it would be like having I hot Iron run slowly over your face! LOL Back then all we go
  3. It amazes me how Fraxel has evovled over the past two years. even at these super high laser levels fraxel is still much safer then c02 resurfacing and is still far more mild. Even if you are red for a week that beats looking like a tomotoe for several months after c02. I do think many people will see 50% improvements to even severe scars at these levels but I will hold off on 75% that sounds a bit to good to be true! LOL Good luck and keep us posted. After my rounds of scultra I may go in a
  4. Annie Your swelling was a bit more severe then mine post fraxel. I still need improvements trust me. but I can say I did get real improvements from my 5 fraxels. I had them done from Nov 2004 to aug 2005. So they were spread out quite a bit. I will do a few rounds in the future I really loved how my complexion looked so healthy and even a few weeks after number 5. that was almost a year ago and I of course have aged a year and had a few breakouts (though much less severe then Breakouts
  5. anne We both use laser skin solutions in west palm. I had my series of 5 treatments almost a year before you started yours and it seems like we had similer levels of improvements. the bad news is we still have acne scars the good news is the improvements we DO get seem to stick. I have had 2 rounds of Sculptra (also at laser skin solutions) and that is even SLOWER then Fraxel but it is slowly doing a good job of plumping up my sunken areas ie cheeks and sides of lower chin. You have nice
  6. The Thread that would NOT die! Damn It is hard to believe I have been checking this site for almost two years and the Isologen thread goes back almost three and it is still getting responces. Back in 2003 there seemed to be quite a flurry of activity and interest in this new Miracle Procedure but if you read must of the early threads it seems to be more Hype then Reality with many saying they get a modest improvement if anything. I do hope the procedure is getting more effective it is STILL
  7. Greenway How are you doing??? I also had my second round of sculptra March 20. I was also BEAT up this time and was quite a bit more swollen this time around but the swelling turned "nice" in 24 hours. its over a week and the swelling is all gone So far so good.. I hope to see an acceleration in improvements cause I hate this slow boat to china syndrome LOL. I will say the areas treated are comming along quite well with some nice but still subltle plumping. Each week my scars see
  8. Lawboy Looks like we are both doing Fraxel and Sculptra. How was your responce to Fraxel? Since you skin seems to like produce collagen ALA Sculptra i would think Fraxel must of done a good job too. I had a good experience with Fraxel despite the fact it Hurt and that i was beet red for 3 days and it cost a lot LOL I think i got a solid 30% improvement to my worst scars and even more to my moderate scars. Did you get a great improvement to your complexion?? I did and all and all i would do Fr
  9. Sculptra is injected check out www.sculptra.com for more info. It cost me $800 per vial and I am using one vial per treatment. Some people need more then one vial per Treatment, I estimate I will need 3 vials total cost $2400 . sculptra is not a TRUE filler as it stimulates collagen and does not provide an instant correction like Restylane. since the FILLEr is your own collagen it last longer Results are supposed to last up to two years. Results can be quite amazing. ALmost like having
  10. YEs I got about 4 months of slow steady improvements after my last Fraxel and then the improvements seem to hold quite well. That being said we are all AGING and getting sun damage so no matter what you have done your skin will need touch ups now and then. I am now 8 weeks post my first sculptra and am starting to get impressed (I whent in monday to have a second round and my doctor seems to think I should hold off a few weeks to better gauge my responce, She felt Ihad a robust responce from
  11. Well I was Supposed to have my second round of Sculptra yesterday but my doctor feels I am responding so well she wants to wait a few more weeks to gauge how much I might need. I do see a subltle improvement but she seemed to think it was pretty substantial and wants to slow it down a bit! Hell i want it to SPEED UP A LOT LOL. She feels there is a slight chance of over correction in the long term since the improvements keep rolling in many months after the injections. I will go in for round 2
  12. Thanks for posting! I had 5 fraxels and it takes Patients and Time before you get to the point where you say "I am glad I am doing this" Even then Fraxel does not eliminate the acne scars but does soften there appearnce. You may need some kind of filler to TOP OFF the scars. I am now using sculptra which is injected into the DEEP dermis and causes much more collagen to be produced and lifts up whole areas like your cheek or chin areas and should also plump up the acne scars as well. So far i
  13. To start $800 per full face multi pass treatments now I get it for only $500 per treatment because I am a MODEL on the docs web site NO she only does full face West palm beach Fl Mix of scars moderate and a few severe with blothcy skin Modest (but REAL) improvement to all the scars I would say 30-50 percent in range of improvements to the scars. Complexion over all vastly improved check me out at www.laserskinsolutions.com
  14. I agree with you that Fraxel does provide meaningfull improvement but it takes a LONG time. I had 5 treatments ending almost a year ago and have a strong 30-50 Percent improvment in different areas of my face. The biggest improvment again is the nice healthy over complextion (I no longer have the rough oiley redish blotchy skin it is all even and healthy looking MMMMMMMMMMM LOL) That being said Fraxel will NOT eliminate your acne scars if they are moderate to severe. I am now undergoing Sculpt