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  1. 0.025% I'm seeing a few of you guys are breaking out using this product. That's one of the side effects of this, One thing that I believe helped me was that I'm also on the anti-biotics! Remember, acne is caused when the natural bacteria in your skin gets trapped in blocked pores and reproduces uncontrollably, causing inflammation and ugly pimples. The anti-biotics are definitely a good combo for me as I rarely breakout now and use tretinoin everyday. And using a product like this when you still
  2. I have been using .1% tretinoin cream for about 2 weeks or so and..I broke out really bad after like the 3rd day for about a week, but now pretty much all acne is cleared just have tons of red marks, I really hope I don't break out again during it, I still get a pimple every other day but it's a lot smaller and goes away quicker than they use to. Also my face is still dry and peeling from it hope that stops soon
  3. I hope he answers, It looks like it gives really good results even though it takes awhile
  4. Ah So it's not just me alright, and Aloe Vera Gel straight from the plant?
  5. So does anyone know the answer to my question?
  6. Hmm, So about my question lol, does exfoliating make it more red then starts to go away? cause thats whats happened/happening to me
  7. I was wondering if exfoliating makes red marks more red at first , I been exfoliating and after a few days they seemed to get alot more red but now after about a week they seem to be getting smaller Using Aqua Glycolic Facial Cleaner, Aqua Glycolic Face Cream and Apple Cider Vinegar every other night.
  8. Mine aren't to bad unless you look at them through those really bright mirror light things with the zoom mirror i dont know what they're called but you might know what I'm talking about, like outside they dont look to bad its inside where they look really bad
  9. Tell her to stfu and make fun of her imperfections that she can't control. I reached a breaking point with my red marks and I don't take that shit from anyone. Makes me feel better. Yeah maybe I should stop caring about them, I will probably feel better and they will go away eventually anyway Mine aren't to bad some dark but their isn't to many but my skin tone is uneven ><
  10. Hmm, once I save up I'm going to give that a try, just looked it up and it seems to cost like $150 + Did it work well for you?
  11. My red marks didn't really bother me to much, until my sister started constantly started making fun of me for them, now I'm pretty self-conscious, and depressed about them, also I hate going out places cause i feel everyone is making fun of me because of them now, didn't have that problem until she started doing that though
  12. So I started using Aqua Glycolic Facial Cleanser and Aqua Glycolic Face Cream, the first few days the red marks looked alot better, but now after about 5days the are small but alot more red not sure if that's suppose to happen, my face is ALOT softer though, I don't have much pimples anymore maybe 1-2 every now and again, my face is just covered in the hyperpigmentation red marks, I was hoping this Aqua Glycolic stuff would work really good, so far it's been doing good, just not sure why they be