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  1. research the long term side effects and judge for yourself, its not just hair loss and dryness, its much more serious things like erectile dysfunction and osteoporosis
  2. thanks! good luck to you too, you seem to be making an intelligent decision, this topic was more aimed at teenagers with no knowledge of accutane. You've had acne for a while like you said and you know what your doing, so good luck! let me know if you need some advice
  3. I started accutane 1st January 2011, the 1st photo was new years eve so literally the day i started accutane. I was 17 when i started it and took it for 4 months at 70mg daily. To be honest im not sure whether i recommend accutane or not, i think its helped my acne alot however it has came with a price. Everybody (including myself) researches the side effects and success stories of accutane and just assumes that your going to have a rough time but then have clear skin forever, its not necessaril
  4. Ive been off accutane for over 3 months now and my skin is so dry all the time, i have tried everything from moisturisers to supplements, everything! and nothing seems to moisturise my skin. It's constantly red and sore and very delicate aswell, it doesnt peel much but it gets extremely tight. I cant last even half a day without having to slap some kind of moisturiser on it. I produce literally no sebum at all anymore and wish i had never touched the drug. Im only 17 and im scared i'll be like t
  5. best thing ive tried is giving up. none of these treatments have helped me at all, theyve just damaged my skin and made it appear worse over all. Just let go of everything and let your skin breathe, it will take time but it surely will clear.Diet and Skin supplements would probably help too.
  6. its definitely caused by thin skin. I have the same problem on my face, not blotchy but thin skin extremely prone to flushing. I dont really know how you can thicken skin but my suggestions are emu oil, biotin, fish oils and collagen supplements. Collagen is quite controversial because many people believe that it does not get absorbed into the digestive system, i tried it and it gave me a really sore stomach for a week. I researched why it gave me a bad stomach and it doesnt seem to be a listed
  7. anything other than water and vaseline that touches my face makes it go beet red! even vaseline sometimes does it, i dont know whats caused my permanent redness, could be acne products or accutane. Either way i wish never touched them. My best advice is just dont put anything at all on your skin, just leave it completely. I have to put some form of emollient/ moisturiser on though otherwise my skin gets dry and flares up really bad.
  8. since accutane my skins always sore red and dry. I dont get acne anymore apart from moisturiser making me breakout. I hate my skin now, it used to be so nourished and moist but now its dry and course. Its been 3 months since i ended my course and im just going to have to accept the way my skin is now. I would like to exfoliate and have acid peels but my skin's so thin and sensitive i cant. I take omega 3 fish oils which i dont know if they help or not but trying anyway, recently ive been taking
  9. has collagen supplements helped anybody's red marks? i know its a bit controversial whether collagen can be absorbed into your body, however im giving it a shot anyway. Any experiences or opinions? thanks
  10. after taking accutane my skin is always tight and quite dry, i moisturise alot but it doesnt seem to help. My skin doesnt produce oil anymore which explains why its dry. My skin doesnt peel when its dry but it just becomes painful and tight. Would collagen supplements help loosen up my skin? has anybody taken collagen supplements before? thanks x
  11. Just recieved my eucerin redness relief day lotion, i know its green pigmented to neutralise the redness but it makes my face green or gray!? is there a special way of applying it? any tips on how to apply it because i'd rather go out red than looking like an alien haha. thanks in advance.
  12. My skin no longer produces sebum since accutane which is a complete bitch so im constantly finding a substitute for my skins natural oils. Ive tried emu oil and all sorts of moisturisers etc... but i actually think olive oil is surprisingly the best! I ordered emu oil and was waiting for it to arrive, one night my skin was burning because i had ran out of moisturiser, as a last resort i smeared my face in olive oil. I dont really like the smell because it makes my face smell like salad or somet
  13. Ive bought emu oil from 2 different suppliers on ebay. The 1st one was yellowish and felt like oil but was more opaque than usual oils like olive oil, it smelled ok, maybe quite nice but i cant describe the smell. The second is whitish in colour and quite gooey, it smells less pleasant and smells very fatty. This one appears more tranlucent like olive oil and sets when cold. Im guessing the second one is better but how do i know which is genuine 100% emu oil? can somebody describe what 10
  14. hey thanks for the advice, im in exactly the same situation as you however ive been on accutane. I have the eucerin redness relief night cream but I didnt think it worked too well. It's expensive and you have to be really consistent with it to see results so i kind of gave up with it. Ive recently ordered the day lotion which im exited for it to arrive, i'm desperate to have normal skin again so i'm willing to give it another go. How well did the eucerin go for you?
  15. Whenever i moisturise, whether it be with a ucerin redness relief or emu oil or something as simple as aqueous cream my face goes RED. Its usually only temporary- like an hour but i can't apply moisturiser without it doing that. It's always been like that all my life but its so annoying now i have to apply moisturiser so much. Its not the friction of it because im really gentle and even if i put it on without rubbing it in, it still flares up. Why does this happen? i'm not the only one because i