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    Red Mark left from past acne are reduced about 80% Indented scars reduced about 40% -This is after two FRAXEL RESTORE There is a week downtime where you can not go outside because your bright red, swollen and have brown scabs all over where the laser hit...you look like you have a skin eating disease or something! It's pretty awful.I wish it was a shorter downtime I don't understand why people dont say it works... maybe you need to ask to put it on the highest setting. Well I had two d
  2. Umm yea you can't see any of my scars right now b/c of the swelling so I guess that the same as if i streatched my skin. I actually got a derma roller with the fraxel (it came with it) I can't use it yet though. Does anyone know if it's possible to use too much moisturizer? I been putting a bunch on cause I hate being so dry. Also they tell you not to peel your skin, but when I wash no matter how gentle I am my skin flakes off alot!
  3. Well unfortunately I already had it done... so I will just have to wait and see what happens. I just saw her today & she says I'm healing good... thankfully. I just hate my skin being so dry & rough & red. ugh
  4. Well that's good to hear! What type of scars did you have?
  5. Yea I plan on having another in feb. & in March if everything goes ok with this, but only checks next time. Did the smoothbeams work for you?
  6. This is a picture of my scars... pretty much same on each check. it's horriblee. Hopefully this fraxel works. That was with make-up I also have a lot of red marks.
  7. lol. yea i swear she said it was to numb my face. she did like two on the inside of my upper lip and two on the inside of the bottom it was after the numbing cream was on for the hour... maybe b/c I was freaking out so bad. Like I was shaking really bad she gave me a pill similar to Valium to make me go to sleep I was a nervous WREAK! My friend said it was good my eyes were covered cause the needle would have freaked me out. Well is almost 48 hours later and my face still feels like sandpaper &
  8. nope she said re:pair is alot more expensive & longer down time. I'm doing good right... still not red, but I am still swollen & can't see one scar because of it.
  9. Well I just got home from getting the Fraxel Re:Store. My face is so numb omg! It's so swollen though and I'm in love with my face! Lol I wish the swelling could stay forever!!!! My face gives the appearance as if I was sweating though & I am so out of it with all the meds they gave me! I'm not red yet... I know I will be soon. What an experience! It hurt, but not as much as I thought! At one point it felt like she was cutting me with a knife. My cheeks hurt the worst. I'm just putting ice
  10. Well I have like 3 scars on my temples?? Maybe that's why. She wasn't going to at first & then all of a sudden she decided to do full face. I have red marks all over :/ I don't know. I wish they would do a patch test! I will have to ask.
  11. Has anyone had the Re:store done? Not Re:pair! Well I have an appointment tomorrow and I'm starting to have second thoughts! I'm freaking out! I wouldn't care if I saw no results... at least I can say I tried, but to get worse after fraxel! That's what I'm scared of! She's charging me $850 for my full face and then my next treatment will be $450 for only cheeks. Anyone have any experiences they can share? My scars starting showing up bad in June... so they are fairly new. I got my acne und