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  1. can i use it along with BP ? a link of the product: http://www.beaute-te...de_noviderm.php I intend to use boreade in morning and Bp at night
  2. I usually reach home at 17 00 and my face is super oily. At about 00 00 when i go to sleep , it becomes oily again. So when should i wash my face, at 17 00 or 00 00 ? (in the morning i wash my face at 06 30 )
  3. I usually apply moisturizer in the morning and benzoyl peroxide at night. I was thinking of using BP both in the morning n at night. So can i apply moisturizer on BP ? if yes, after how much time ?
  4. i hav done the following things n after 1-2 weeks i saw DRASTIC change...i stil cant believe my acne has jumped from about 15 per week to 2 per wek ( Regimen: wash with mild facewash morning n evening. morning: apply benzoyl peroxide 5% on acne (spot Treatment)+ SUNSCREEN SPF 50 evening: apply benzoyl peroxide 2.5% on whole face AHA mask 2 times a week ) 1. change pillow case evryD 2. Stop drinking milk ???? NO.....i had stopped n saw decrease in acne.......bt saw a further decrease by drink
  5. i hav also got it 4-5 times.....i concluded it occured wen i hadn.t put my sunscreen....or wen i played constantly with it....so i dnt think thers anything u should worry about
  6. Dan's regimen says that a BP of 2.5% should be used. But since 2 years i hav been using a BP of 5%. so i wanted to know why 2.5 % and why not 5 % ???
  7. i hav read on this website that the ice pickles could disappear or made less visible with punch excision. but most people who did that said they had only one or two ice pickles...i also hav about 3 ice pickles....but wat about those scars(1mmx1mm) which r found on my face of about 15-25. wat can i do to get rid of them ??? does excision work for these??? ( if they do i guess they wil cost a fortune coz i read that it takes 250 dollars to get rid of ONE ????? wat can i also do on my own(tips)???