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  1. Don't give up just yet. I am on week 11 and I just started seeing really good results. My skin is still a little dry and sometime flaky but all but one of my cysts are gone (just one pesky one on my forehead) and I'm only getting tiny tiny new pimples and even those are only 2 or three a week and they heal fast. Until about week 9.5 I saw just a little bit of improvement. Once I got to week 10 it started clearing up fast. Depending on your skin, you may want to try what I did. I know it sa
  2. Still waters run deep....

    1. Hello Lovely and to anyone else: If you or any of you are having issues obtaining costly accutane, my suggestion would be to purchase the drug from a legit online pharmacy in Canada. The prices in Canada are WAY WAY less than American rates. There is alot of bad talk about obtaining accutane from online sources, and the reality is there ARE alot of bad places that will sell you sugar pills under the guise of Accutane. The most important thing to remember to look for 1) does the online pharmac