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  1. So, it has been awhile since updating...happily, there just isn't anything to report! My skin is still clear, just a few occasional blackheads, not a pimple or whitehead since I don't know when. My knee joint pain seems to have totally resolved, which is a blessing. My skin still remains much more sensitive to picking, but that encourages me not to do it. I really do not know of any remaining side-effects. I cannot tell you how great it is not to worry about my skin and getting pimples anym
  2. So, it has been awhile since I posted. I came down with Mono and have been recovering. My face is still extremely clear. I get an occasional blackhead, but I can live with that. I still remain very happy that I went on this drug and my only regret is that I did not do it sooner. For those of you considering it, don't wait...just do it.
  3. Hi there, I actually had my first whitehead/pimple in months. It was on my nose and came up suddenly. I dispatched it and it quickly went away. Otherwise, things have been boring otherwise....clear, clear, clear. I am exfoliating more and using a clearing lotion to keep the blackheads at bay. Not a whole lot going. I am happy to say that.
  4. Well, it is now approximately 113 days after finishing my course of Accutane. I am still very clear with no pimples or cysts on my skin. I do continue to have a blackhead every now and then, but nothing that concerns me. My skin is not dry or oily...just normal. No lingering side effects at this point. My husband is also doing just great and is very pleased with the results of his taking Accutane. I am exfoliating regularly and moisturize at night. I regularly go without makeup and I am
  5. Hello everyone. Here is my 3 months after Accutane update. My skin is still amazingly clear. I have had a few small blackheads, but no whiteheads, pimples or cysts. Many days I go without any makeup whatsoever. My skin is not dry or oily...it is just normal and very low maintenance. My hair is thick, full and shiny. Most of my joint pain has resolved. My body skin is normal. My eyes are not dry anymore. Was it a pain in the ass? Absolutely. Would I do it again? You know it. My only regre
  6. Sorry for the delay in updating....my mom has been in the hospital, in ICU, for almost a month. I have been preoccupied with caring for her and my Dad, so updating became a low priority. So, my skin looks great. I have gotten a few blackheads, but I also think some of this is caused by my being off of my routine with caring for my Mom and trying to work and keep it all together. I haven't been exfoliating any, so I think this is to be expected. I will keep you posted as to whether or not t
  7. My lips are totally back to normal. They got better about two weeks after stopping the Accutane. Thanks for writing to me and good Luck on your journey!
  8. I am now a two full months off of Accutane! Woo hoo! Life is good. My skin looks amazing and is so clear. No pimples, no whiteheads, no cysts. Ever. While my skin is not dry, it is not oily either. It is just normal, happy skin that does not require a lot of maintenance. I do continue to wash with Cetaphil cleanser, occasionally use a gentle scrub for exfoliation and use a moisturizer at night. My hair is just fine as is my body skin. I am so glad! My husband is doing about the same
  9. Today, I went back and read all of my blog entries. It really was fun seeing how I felt all during the course of Accutane, and how things have changed since I have been off of it! Btw, I realized that I never reported on my final blood work...one month after last dose... Cholesterol 171 Triglycerides - 113! It is amazing how one month off of Tane can impact your Triglycerides.
  10. Sorry for the delay in posting, my mom is in the hospital and I have been with her. My facial skin is still flawless. No pimples. Amazing! Still a few dry patches on my body, but those seem to be resolving. Do still have some joint pain, but I am beginning to think that is from my allergies to food, especially yeast. I am now on a yeast free diet, no sugar, no dairy, no fruit. I am starting week 3 and hope to see some improvement soon. My husband's skin also is clear. We are both ver
  11. Here is an update... Everything is clear, no pimples and one or two tiny blackheads. Still some joint pain. Otherwise, all is fine. My hubby is doing great too! Started using Neutrogena Face Scrub on a regular basis, with Cetaphil Cleanser and Neutrogena Moisturizer. I am carefully monitoring my skin for any sign of regression. I will keep you posted!
  12. Hello everyone! I am on the end of a week of vacation and I am happy to report that my skin is still perfectly clear! No pimples, no blackheads, nothing but clear! While on vacation (spent traveling around on our boat from place to place), I got plenty of sun, with no ill effects. I used sun screen and wore a hat lots of the time, but even when I did not, everything was fine and no burning. I had been afraid of hyper-sensitivity to the sun after taking Accutane, but neither my husband nor
  13. Hi everyone! Reporting in about life after Accutane...yes, there is normalcy again! Everyday, I see my body returning to normal. I still have some joint pain, but it is less. I really don't Have other side effects remaining now. My skin remains very clear. I have had a few tiny hard white balls of gunk come to the surface, but they do not form pimples or anything sore. They just come to the surface and come out. My skin continues to purge itself of all of the impurities accumulat
  14. It is now 20 days after my last dose of Accutane and I continue to see improvements in my overall health and well-being. My side-effects continue to lessen and most have gone away entirely. My skin remains clear and not oily at all. I am going to start using a gentle exfoliator scrub to keep my skin cells from building up again and clogging my pores. My lips have returned to normal and that is so wonderful. That Chapping and peeling really was the worst side-effect for me. My joint pai
  15. Hallelujah! My lips really are better. I really began to notice a change this past weekend...I really never thought I would feel normal lips again! No more chapping and not having to slather some type of goo on them every 10 minutes is such a wonderful thing. My eyes have also become less dry. My gums seem not to be as sensitive. My hands do not get cut or nicked as easily and my skin is less dry. I am 13 days off of Accutane. I still have fairly significant joint pain. Still have th