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  1. I have suffered from acne for about six years now, but in recent years it has improved. I've only gotten pustules, papules, and whiteheads. But on Saturday I noticed that the beauty mark on my left cheek was raised and slightly painful. When I ran my finger across it it felt as though it were very deep under the skin--nothing I've ever felt before on my face. Today, it's even worse, and the surrounding area is bright red too. At first I thought melanoma, but now I'm thinking it may be a cyst or
  2. I love petroleum jelly, AKA vaseline. I put it all over my face. It is supposedly too big to clog your pores. In any event, it definitely helps reduce hyperpigmentation.
  3. I'm three weeks into BCT and they let us use our phones today! As for my skin,, once I incorporated the green tea moisturizer and vaseline into my regimen, it began to get dramatically clearer. On june 7 when I left I had five pimples and a bunch of red marks. By the time I started bct the following week (reception week isn't really bct) my skin tone was a lovely olive with very faint marks. Most of the pimples disappeared on their own, and I popped one that was ready to be popped. But then abou
  4. Congrats on not picking! Today I woke up and I saw a pimple on my left jaw that looked a bit white. I started to squeeze but when nothing happened I quit it. Now I have vowed not to touch it! We can stop picking together!!
  5. Before I talk about Proactive's cons, I'd like to discuss the other free product I received with my shipment, which was the Refining Mask. I opted to get this one because I remembered seeing it in the commercials. Directions suggest applying it twice a week to your face after cleansing, letting it sit for ten minutes, and then washing it off and continue with steps two and three (toner and BP). The active ingredient in the mask is sulfur, but it doesn't smell that offensive. It definitely isn't
  6. I'm with you, I pick my skin too! So many red marks ( Good luck stopping!
  7. My Proactive arrived last Thursday, May 26, and I began using it immediately. I chose the Green Tea Moisturizer as one of my free gifts because I'm running out of my Juice moisturizer and I'd like to try one that is potentially cheaper. The BP cleanser, step one, has tiny beads in it, so it's really more of scrub than a cleanser. The directions state to rub it around for a minute or two, so I always count to sixty while gently rubbing it around my face. Dan didn't give the beads a favorable revi
  8. I'm horrified. Absolutely horrified. I guess it's been just about exactly a month since I've been able to use all three MC products, and my skin is paying dearly. Tiny whiteheads EVERYWHERE. My forehead, my hairline, my jawline, even on the tip of my nose. Last Thursday I went to the MC website to see if I could order a new kit and a box popped up saying they're reformulating their bottles or product or something so shipments are delayed. I guess I'm not the only one to notice the problems with
  9. On Max Clarity that is. Since before April 25 I haven't used the MC benzoyl peroxide, and about two weeks ago I bought Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser to use instead of the MC BP foaming body wash. I called MC again today to find out where the FUCK my order is and they said they aren't shipping out new orders and will issue me a refund of my $26! Which I have yet to receive. Tonight, I'm going to just phase it out completely. I'll try using witch hazel again. The thing is, my skin i
  10. I called on April 25 to order a new batch of Max Clarity. Nearly TWO weeks later it still isn't here. So yesterday I called to ask when my order was coming through, and I was told that due to high demand all orders weren't being shipped for two weeks! My products have apparently been sitting in a warehouse somewhere, not being shipped to me, because of high demand. INFURIATING. I have little tiny pimples and my boyfriend keeps telling me I should get Proactiv. Luckily the vaseline is doing its j
  11. Last week (two weeks ago?) my MC BP stopped working. Without BP, I started putting ACV (apple cider vinegar) on my face. That was the ONLY change I made to my routine. I broke out! ( I called MC and had them ship me a new kit, so that should arrive this week. In the meantime, I got a facial last Wednesday and the lady popped all my zits and put a bunch of creams and stuff on my skin. Now, if I touch it, it's nice and smooth. But the red marks are horrendous! I've been putting vaseline on which
  12. The marks become fainter and lighter every day. I haven't been writing so much recently because there isn't much to say! If I skip a day of MC, I might get a teeny-tiny zit, which goes away once MC is resumed, and that's how I know MC is working. Last week I got my new Insanity: The Asylum workout, and I've been doing that plus following the meal plan, which emphasizes a lot of vegetables and lean protein. I've been eating so many vegetables this past week! My skin looks bright and even, especia
  13. My face is so smooth every day when I wake up due to increased amounts of vaseline on my skin at night. It's almost paradoxical that a substance so greasy could be so beneficial to oily, acne-prone skin, but it's true. I'm still taking periodical photobooth pictures of my face so I can see the good vaseline has done. Just a little over eight weeks until I ship out!!
  14. What can I say? They make a good product. My skin looks so much better than on Dan's regimen. Even better, ALL my bacne is gone! I was on birth control for one month, and while it didn't really affect my face my back is pimple-free. There are some red marks but I anticipate them to go away in time.
  15. Today, I went to the mail room at my school and told them to send back the package containing $70 worth of Dan Kern products. Then I ordered another kit of Max Clarity. Everyone keeps telling me how good my skin has been looking--my roommates, my friends, my boyfriend. I never should have believed that stupid Max Clarity thread and all the negative things people said about it. I know my skin, and I know I need the combination of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to truly heal it. Max Clarity